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The Ice Spirit is the base spirit of its spirit species. Ice spirits have the trick of freezing enemies and the Ice Spirit starts the trend off with its immediate access to Freeze. The Ice Spirit is just as fragile as any other base spirit, but even a single use of Freeze can prove to be an invaluable tactical maneuver.

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Evolution[ | ]

Upon reaching its level cap, an Ice Spirit can evolve into the following spirits:

  • Ice Ball, an agile caster that can in turn evolve into an Ice Beast or an Eye Girl;
  • Frost Weaver, a ranged arachnid combatant that can capture creatures;
  • Frost Nymph, a versatile humanoid spirit that enhances the freezing gimmick; or
  • Crystal Girl, a non-spirit evolution with magical and economic boon.

Druid can also choose to evolve them into ElementalSeeds.

Overview[ | ]

The Ice Spirit is the base spirit of the ice spirit species that the Main Character can summon for 20 stamina if they choose Ice as their affinity at game start. Summoned in this fashion, an Ice Spirit spawns with the Ice Affinity trait. The Ice Spirit that is automatically granted by the UniqueStarter difficulty option, however, does not have the Ice Affinity trait - locking the player out of accessing this trait as ice spirits do not have their non-MC summoner and the difficulty option itself bans spirit summoning.

Ice Spirits, like other base spirits, can be reshaped upon hitting their level cap. Doing so increases their Max Level by 3 and boosts their genes but resets their current level to 1.

Combat[ | ]

Most base spirits are pathetic, weak and fragile. The Ice Spirit, on the other hand, is pathetic, weak, fragile, and occasionally overwhelmingly powerful. Its stats are just as abysmal as all the other base spirits, of course, but it's the immediate access to Freeze that marks the Ice Spirit as remarkable. Once per battle, any unit can be frozen, forcing them to lose a turn. A daring Ice Spirit could walk into the crossfire and Freeze a critical enemy unit, taking it out of battle calculations if only for a turn. It could even Freeze a boss and give the team a turn to recuperate and heal. This all depends on the notion that an Ice Spirit can survive at all, but when it does happen, it is a winter holiday miracle. In addition to Freeze, Ice Spirits natively inflict Frost damage. Two applications of Frost damage on a single target in one turn freezes them also, so this can be another clutch use of the lowly Ice Spirit in battle.

Their presence also increases Frost/Ice damage globally and introduces 5 snow tiles on the battlefield. If the player is to employ multiple ice spirits, having the base Ice Spirit in the team may provide some general utility - the terrain that ice spirits benefit from hardly occur outside tundra worlds.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Unlike most other elements, there's no Ice Summoner you can recruit yet.

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