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The Light Bee is a front-line combatant light spirit with an inherent Piercing attack pattern. It can also use LightSting to grant Regeneration at the cost of a light sting of damage for the beneficiary.

Evolution[ | ]

A Light Spirit, upon hitting its level cap, can evolve into a Light Bee. In the process the spirit learns LightSting and additional skills based on which evolution option is taken:

Level Type Learned Skills Notes
Average TransferMana, Bite Size Increases
Magic TransferMana, LightRay Size stays the same
Endurance TransferMana, MagicGuard Size stays the same
Average TransferMana, Bite Size stays the same
Dexterity TransferMana, Rush Size stays the same
Dexterity PoisonSting, Rush Size Decreases

The Light Bee is not an Elite, but it does not evolve further and loses the Evolving special trait.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

The Light Bee is the rank-and-file infantry of light spirits with reasonable stat growths in all areas. Unlike the spirit species' Elites, this light spirit can deal reasonable damage, provide adequate support, and withstand acceptable damage. One remarkable facet of the Light Bee is that it inflicts Piercing Radiant damage, which can easily waste hostile units' mana rapidly.

Due to its Piercing attack, positioning the Light Bee is critical for its combat effectiveness. Thankfully it can hop over enemies.

Overworld[ | ]

The Light Bee is naturally Glowing, providing bonus to sight range and revealing all units in hostile parties. It is also very fluffy and cuddly, counting as Pets and giving a morale boost while camping.

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

The Light Bee produces Honey at the farm, being the only unit beside the Bee Girl to do so.

Notes[ | ]

You have a chance to get a Light Bee to join your party if you choose to walk away from Lyra, a unique character who can be found in cave portal events. Lyra can also summon Light Spirits with an additional fixed Floating trait which you can later evolve into Light Bees

Trivia[ | ]