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Void Bringers are the Elite siege engine of shadow spirits. They thrive in shadows - they trail shadow themselves, gain defense in it, and spew shadow when hit. Void Bringers' incredible strength and toughness are something that should be held back by their crawling slowness, but unfortunately for their enemies, shadow spirits can easily transport each other.

Evolution[ | ]

Either a Shormy or a Shadow Bringer, upon hitting its level cap, can evolve into a Void Bringer. They have different options in the process, ranging from three to five:

Level Type Learned Skills Notes
Average Consume Size Increases
Average Aegis Size Increases, Shormy Only
Dexterity Rush Size Increases, Shormy Only
Endurance Aegis Size Increases, Shadow Bringer Only
Support ShadowPulse Size Increases, Shadow Bringer Only
Support ShadowPulse Size stays the same, Shadow Bringer Only
Support ShadowPulse Size Decreases, Shadow Bringer Only

A Void Bringer is a final form of Shadow Spirits and lose the Evolving special trait upon evolution.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Void Bringers are the battering ram. These Elites have incredible health and strength and enjoy a feedback loop of benefits on shadow tiles. Their signature skill, Consume, can simply delete an enemy unit if their remaining HP is below twice the Void Bringer's strength - a kill effect that ignores type resistance, shields, and on-death effects, while healing the Void Bringer and providing regeneration as the darkly shrouded cherry on top. Even their default melee attack is Cleaving Shadow damage and mow down several enemies at once without Consume.

Perhaps due to the overload of sheer offensive power, Void Bringers are notably slow. A player utilizing a Void Bringer will already have easy access to mobility skills such as ShadowStep and ShadowBond, however.

Overworld[ | ]

Void Bringers are WaterBreathing LandMounts.

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