Rock Hugger

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Evolution[ | ]

Evolved from Rock Spirits, learning Jump and Constrict in the process. They do not evolve further.

They can be evolved into three different types:

Level Type Learned Skills Notes
Dexterity Burrow Size stays the same
Average Regenerate Size stays the same
Average Burrow Size Increases

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Rock Huggers are strange. Despite being Stone types that are weak to water, they have amphibic movement. Their stats are that of a caster with poor Strength, yet they get lots of mobility skills and no spells. They are also one of the few Creatures capable of inflicting Lust Damage.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • They can be summoned by Roctu for 30 stamina, whose Rock Huggers will come small sized with an additional Hardening trait. Being small sized with a Max Level of 5 which they are unable to increase, they're not really worth much in battle. Consider them a source of Hardening to fuse to other units.

Trivia[ | ]