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Overview[ | ]

WARNING: Having a pure Guardian will eventually result in the S_Unit triggering an event in which you have two options:

  1. Surrender all creatures with Guardian genetics (this includes Avy and the Unknown you get as a starter from the Unknown trait) to be removed from your home. In exchange you receive a S_Unit
  2. Defend your Guardians, but permamently lose a S_Unit, if you had one, and trigger an event that you must complete before the end of the day.

This event is a battle against a lot of robots, if you either ignore or lose the battle you get a game over.
Winning gets you a lot of Mythril, Iron, and some Crystal Fragments, it does not return your S_Unit.

Triggering this event too early can soft lock your playthrough.

Combat[ | ]

The SuperCharged special trait is used up by SuperBeam and SuperSpeed, it doesn't regenerate after battle.
SuperCharged can only be recharged via the character sheet, and it requires 3 energy.

SuperBeam does 3* magic Fire damage in a straight line 3 tiles wide and has 7 range. It costs 1 AP.

SuperSpeed gives 4 AP. It costs 3 mana.

LaserBeam does 2* magic Radiant damage in a straight line. It costs 2 AP, 10 mana and has 6 range, additionally it doesn't use SuperCharged.

This character equipped with a volt blade is an absolute power house. If the player is a Mechanist they can add "Agile" to the S_Unit to ensure they always have 2 AP.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

Like all Non A Unit robots their breeding stats are zero unless crafted by a Mechanist. Like all robots this can be circumvented with breeding potions to give them a flat 30 or 50 to their breeding stats.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • S_Unit event can be avoided by removing all pure Guardians that you have.
  • Cannot be buffed with the Archery trait set from the Mechanist.
  • Syvaron's notes on Patreon indicate this event can repeat.
  • Unknown if crafting the S_Unit as a Mechanist has any bearing on this event triggering.

Trivia[ | ]