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Strategies[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Brutes are raw muscle, pure and simple. Their Stats are focused around Health, Strength and Armor with above average Speed Growth. Their passive HardenedSkin protects them from Radiation and Bleeding, and high base Lust Resistance let's them shrug off seduction.

However that's about all there is to them, with no skills or anything else of note.

Overworld[ | ]

Their HardenedSkin protects them from Radiation on the Overworld.

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

There are Unique Brutes you can recruit, Cuska, Xroha and Vilyn; as well as a few others who possess Brute genes without being Brutes, Terranva, Zil, Qitou, and Veila.

Trivia[ | ]