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Warning: This page contains potential spoilers, explore carefully if you wish to preserve surprises.

Unique Lizard Girl. Qitou can be recruited while on the true ending path in the wasteland portal. She is found by triggering an event on a wasteland tile. To recruit her, simply agree to take her out of the portal and she will come with her pet Burrower.

It should be noted that Qitou and her pet are Giant sized, so if you're using any mount to travel the wasteland you'll lose speed/time and need to send her home at the portal. Aside from being a Tamer, Qitou possesses a skill that allows her to negate status effects.

However you won't get much use out of Qitou. She's not the greatest combatant, her size hinders both exploration and Speed in battle, her skills relegate her to a supporting role, and by the time you recruit her you should already have end-game set-up and a full party.