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Overview[ | ]

Unique FireDragonGirl. Can be recruited from a random event. The event requires a portal with an entrance of size Giant and modifier Dark. Simply choose to take the place of her (beleaguered) victim and she'll join your party after she's done with you.

Combat[ | ]

Events[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

As the MC, Mirrea can spend gold to increase her stats, the options are as follows:

  • Breed: 500g, +10 Fertility & Virility
  • Lust: 2500g, +1 LDmg and LRes
  • Magic: 5000g, 1 Mg and 2 Mana
  • Strength: 5000g, 1 Str and 2 Hp
  • All: 50000g, 1 Str, 1 Mg, 1 LDmg, 2 Hp & Mana

Trivia[ | ]

A very special case for a humanoid unique unit that can act as a mount for your party without needing to bring a creature. As a giant, she can even carry other unique characters like Terranova who go above the usual Medium size, though she'll also be barred from more portals.