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Overview[ | ]

Unique Human, obtained at random from town events.

Combat[ | ]

Melee-range magic user who operates similar to Lava Girl/Swipe/Flight builds. Extremely versatile, featuring a strong heal and shield at reasonable range, a self-AoE that deals true damage and applies Blind, and a strange close-range flat attack that cannot kill enemies (setting them up for skills such as ConsumeMana or Blood Sword's active). Let down by her poor growths. Utilizes Morale (both current and max) for her skills, which can be restored through dating.

Events[ | ]

After leveling her to 20, she will have a town event where you are given the choice to shift her skillset, with the options being to either replace her heal with the ability to shift (switching her first two skills for a debuff cleanse and a long range AoE MG nuke that deals radiant damage, as well as granting StrongLifeSteal on attack), or to permanently replace her form with the shifted form. The former is more versatile, but also applies an Exert debuff on transformation, which causes her to lose 1 max Morale every turn (and the shift costs 1 AP).

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]