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Overview[ | ]

Unique Harpy Fish. Narah can be found in deep water tile events from day 10 onward if you have a free party slot.

Her event consists of a fight against her and a random selection of enemies. Due to Narah's AnimateDead, any enemies you defeat will be raised from the dead to continue fighting, as long as she's alive and has the mana for it. Simply winning the battle allows you to recruit her.

Combat[ | ]

Combat wise, Narah could be considered a hardcore support. Not only she can heal, but also raise your lost units. Her downsides is that she does next to nothing in physical attacks and has trouble moving in non water terrain.

Events[ | ]

She has one event at the Town Beach, which activates once she reaches level 10.

Selecting 'Light' replaces AnimateDead with Ressurrect, which removes all the drawbacks of AnimateDead but leaves the raised unit with 1 HP, no AP and a 1 turn shield.
Selecting 'Dark' replaces AnimateDead with DarkRevive, which gives the raised unit full AP and damage buffs, but makes it a Token unit that will disappear at the end of combat.

Notes[ | ]

  • Unlike most, Narah's level upon joining you is variable depending on the portal hostility. For example, if you recruit her in a 2 hostility portal, she will be 2/10 level. If you recruit her in a 15 hostility portal, she will join your party with a level of 10/10. If you want to get her at a low level, the best way is to use the starting water portal.
  • Narah's AnimateDead skill works properly in games only if "death upon defeat" is selected as a difficulty modifier. This skill also doesn't save Possessed units from turning into Spectres. It will still raise fallen enemies.
  • Narah's Reconstructing trait can be passed on to other units, making them semi-immortal on "injury on defeat". However despite not being injured, units will still receive a Morale penalty. Furthermore on "death on defeat", reanimated units with this trait don't gain the +1 lust resist upon resurrection, despite the description saying that it ignores only negative effects (should be checked for latest version).

Trivia[ | ]

  • As of Version , it's possible to encounter her randomly even with a full team. Although, recruiting her afterward makes a little visual glitch about her character card. Winning another wild fight while in this state will still prevent you from going on, and you'll have to part with one of your team member.