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Overview[ | ]

Unique Devil. Can only be recruited via event in Hell biomes with at least 3 Devils in your party.

Combat[ | ]

Natashlia has a very different set of skills and passives from normal devils. She is focused almost entirely around inflicting burns on enemies and damaging enemies that have burns. Her unique IgniteWeapons passive causes allies to inflict 3 stacks of burning on attack for the first 3 turns of combat. Her other unique passive, ShadowBurn, causes her to deal extra shadow damage equivalent to burn stacks on attack. These two passives are in addition to a very offensive magic orientated skill set and robust growths which ensure that no skills go to waste. Her crowning jewel is the HeatWave skill, unique to her and uninheritable. It causes all burning characters to gain an additional 2 stacks of burning, with a chance to heat tiles and no AP cost.

Her biggest downsides are that she struggles against lava-type enemies and that recruiting her may be quite difficult. Still, she greatly outclasses any base species and even supersedes members of her own species thanks to her higher LDmg growth.

Events[ | ]

  • An event will trigger after you have 90+ relations with her and she has reached level 10.

Notes[ | ]

  • She produces Souls while working at the farm. Although these can only be used for crafting if you took the relevant perk during new game setup, as recipes to use them are otherwise unavailable.
  • Her recruitment event gives her Loyal trait, but gallery doesn't show it.
  • Her Amplify trait (+1 Str/Mag Charge gain whenever you gain Str/Mag charges) works very well with Ara's skill Motivate.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Imprisoned in another world. Lost all sense of time, unsure whether her enemies still exist somewhere.