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Overview[ | ]

Unique Eagle Girl.
Eryn can be recruited at any point in the game. When you have 10 eggs not hatching, an event will trigger the following day in the hatchery and Eryn will offer her services.

Combat[ | ]

Eryn has mostly superior base Stats compared to regular Eagle Girls, and in terms of Stat Growths she loses a little Strength Growth for better Magic and Lust Growths, as well as an Average Level type. What this means is that Eryn doesn't gain as much Strength as regular Eagle Girls do, but will beat them in every other way.

She also comes with a complete skillset, with the addition of Heal and Dodge on top of the signature TalonStrike and her own unique skill WindStorm. That makes her more of a team player and makes her more noticeable on the battlefield.

Home[ | ]

She has no unique home skills, but having a good date with her will award a random egg as an additional gift (based on date quality).

Events[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Eryn is large sized and a Mercenary, so the daily drain on your resources is higher than most other units. If you're not interested in obtaining her Traits, she may not be worth your time.
  • Despite her proclamations doesn't make that good of a hatcher herself, even fully levelled. It is recommended to get her Incubating trait on a more Magic focused unit.
  • Her other trait, Mending, is also quite rare, so recruiting Eryn is an easy way to obtain it.
  • Eryn's sex skills are pretty high so she is a decent Brothel candidate.
  • She has high Fertility, so she's good for breeding Harpy Hybrid Species.

Trivia[ | ]