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Overview[ | ]

Unique Goblin, found from random events in Grenea. Has access to both Medic and Architect in one place. She can be obtained fairly early, by obtaining 20 units and encountering Zija. May be the earliest source of MaxLV20 and 10 Virility genetics in the game, and possibly the only Goblin of value.

Combat[ | ]

Blin is an interesting unit; She is constantly receiving Magic Charges, she has 1*MG 3 range line nuke that expends two charges, and otherwise features a set of supportive skills. Her Barrier is, deceptively, a very useful shield; it provides just 5 HP worth of shield, however there is no cooldown for it, no AP cost, and it uses one mana. Its primary weakness is that it will expend Blin's magic charges, however she will always start a round with at-minimum three charges, allowing her to gain at-minimum a 15 HP every turn when in danger (reduced if she's also using ElectricCharge) . She also receives Dodge to further extend her survivability, and features severely undertuned healing support skill Drain.

Despite being a magic-focused skillset, Magic is her second weakest growth (but by no means terrible), and she starts out with only 1 Magic. On the bright side, the rest of her growths, besides Strength, are respectable. She also has access to GreenSkin, which means that she never suffers a Weakness hit in combat, and has the Regenerating trait (and because of how extremely mana-lean her skillset is, along with 1.3 Mana growth, means that it will almost always be active). She also has access to Precision (despite her abysmal Strength growth), and two innate armor.

The best use of Blin lategame may be to ignore ElectricCharge; she will enjoy 3 magic charges + 2 every turn (until she needs to spend them to protect herself), and her otherwise lack of offensive spells can be augmented with magic-focused weapons, such as the Volt Sword, Fire Sword, or Blaster. She is also an acceptable candidate for the WorldEnder or SingularityStaff.

Events[ | ]

By obtaining Blin, you unlock two Home upgrades:

Scout Drone: +1 Party Vision, steep cost of 50 Crystals

Prosthetics: Allows you to heal injured characters using Iron & Mythril, +Armor but -Max Morale.

Notes[ | ]

Must refuse Zija's offer for her to appear.

Trivia[ | ]