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Overview[ | ]

Unique Cow Girl. Found in forest tile events. Her event consists of a single boss fight with a Mana Worm, in which she will participate. She comes with several ManaWorms.

The most interesting feature is the Stealing trait. Cella, when fucking a character, be it friend or foe, can steal their boob and dick size. For this to happen, Cella must have some energy and the targets body parts must be larger than hers. With this trait, she can have enormous body parts and her art even follows the size growth. Another interesting feature of this trait is that it also lowers the targets size, so if you wish one of your units to have smaller tits, you can reduce them by breeding new units with stealing and small body parts and then fucking them with each other.

Combat[ | ]

Combat wise, Cella is a bit stronger than regular Cow Girls and is mostly useful in supporting/seducing.

Events[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Only fucking in combat triggers size changes.

Trivia[ | ]