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Overview[ | ]

Unique Cat Girl.

Orana can only be recruited if the MC chose WaterAffinity or the Elementalist profession.
Her event can trigger at home past day 10, as she seeks out the MC. If you agree to train her, she requests to join your party.

She also comes with an Orb Fish spirit, which has a Max Level of 5 and no genetic values or traits, as well as the useful skill WaterSpear.

Combat[ | ]

Orana is a support unit, but she's not really suited for combat.
Her lust growth is higher than the others and her strength growth is the second lowest in the game, but Pure restricts her lust damage and InnerHealing further limits her offensive capabilities.

Events[ | ]

She has one Town CG Gallery event at the Beach, which triggers after she reaches level 10. The first choice will swap out WaterBolt for WaterTendrils and give her the special trait Collector.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Orana can summon Water Spirits for 20 stamina like the MC, each of them coming with the additional ManaSpark trait.