Slime Lizard

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Strategies[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

The Slime Lizard is an all-rounder whose only weakness is a lack of Lust Resistance. With solid base Stats and decent Stat Growths for Health, Strength and Magic, these Armored amphibians are capable of fulfilling most roles across land and water.

While three fixed skills limit their flexibility if you're not Creation, their native skillset is nothing to scoff at. They're one of the few non-Uniques with access to Slime Bolt, the machinegun of a spell that can do double-duty as ranged damage and terraforming. That's made easier with Constrict, which can ensure enemies can't run while Entangled or even lust-lock them. Regenerate allows them to tank, even getting into wars of attrition with the possible Toxin.

Their SlimeStrike passive also allows them to terraform simply by attacking, ensuring there's slime anywhere they fight.

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