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Strategies[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Oracles are tuned for magical combat, mostly sacrificing their Farm related Stats for battle capacity. Their only weaknesses are a couple of below average Stat Growths and no natural Armor.

They are powerful casters, don't be fooled by the many support spells and Level Type. They may only have the one attack spell, but their fixed MindBlast not only deals true damage, but it also gains bonus damage based on the target's Magic. They can easily one-shot most opposing mages.

If they should come across muscle-headed enemies that won't be affected much by MindBlast, they can easily switch to a supporting role with a huge roster of potential skills to heal, defend and buff.

They're formidable in sex-fighting too, despite their Lust Growth being one of their weakest Stats. Not only do they boast considerable max lust on top of natural Lust Resistance, they can Reveal those they seduce and StrongManaDrain from seducers.

Overworld[ | ]

They make excellent scouts with both Heightened Sense and Magic Vision, each of which give +1 to Vision. Add Eagle Eyed to the mix and they have unsurpassed sight, making portal explorations a breeze.

Breeding[ | ]

They should be kept out of the Farm for the most part as they have terrible Stats in regards to it.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Their low beauty makes them unsuitable for the Brothel.

However they are light units and as such their males/futas produce valuable light semen, which sells for more than most other semen types.

Notes[ | ]

There is a Unique Oracle, Terranva. She'll likely be the first and only one that players see unless they go out of their way to either acquire one or go on the True Ending Path.

There are a few ways. The most straightforward is brute-forcing past Terranva's Infertile trait. Alternatively Evolution and Creation can acquire Oracle genetic data by performing a ritual or through the Library assistant. Otherwise you'll need to start a game where you can access Divine Favours and spawn one that way.

Trivia[ | ]