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Strategies[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Shades have high Strength, higher Magic and one of the highest Speed Growths, allowing them to be fighters as well as mages. Since their fixed skill Assassinate scales with Magic, you can turn them into melee mages via the trait Telekinetic. They can also benefit from the passive ChainCurse by appending the skill DrainCurse.

Shades have mostly higher Stat Growths than the already powerful unique Shadow's, but it's debatable whether they're actually better.

They have slightly better Health, trade a little Strength for Magic, and slightly better Lust Damage for worse Lust Resistance and lower max lust, as well as lower base Speed for far higher Speed Growth.

However Shadow is Unique, which gives her a further boost to her Stats. Running some actual numbers with max genes and Potential on both, regular Shades only end up with better Health and Lust Damage with their Magic unable to go beyond Shadow's Strength. In the end, their superior Stat Growths fail to surpass Shadow's superior specs.

As they're far more difficult to obtain as well, since they're only seen in Avy's homeworld, you're better off sticking with Shadow.

However it's a different story with a different 4th Main Character, some of whom offer increased Stat Growths to units with the Spirit (trait), which Shades do but Shadow doesn't. In this case there is a clear difference, in which regular Shades end up with superior Stats in all areas except Speed, Lust Resistance and max lust.

So if you're playing as Hildy, for instance, you would want a regular Shade over Shadow.

Overworld[ | ]

Common in Avy's homeworld.

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

They used to not have a Gallery entry, only getting one about version 0.23 or so.