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The Lymean is pure of heart, a saintly soul unconcerned with pleasures of the flesh - both a boon and a bane in a world that operates on exactly those pleasures. Their naturally high resistance to lust also means Lymeans are awful at seducing others. On the other hand, Lymeans have the ability to drain mana from others, which they will need plenty of to fuel their wide-ranging support skills.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Lymeans are the premier support units among all base species with natural aptitude toward healing, protecting and empowering others. Their stats center around mana and magic. In the party, the Lymean will be the "cleric" who places buff on party members and heals their wounds.

While they are good at removing wounds, they are not good at removing enemies. Lymeans can potentially learn Spark, an explicitly offensive magic skill, but its range is limited to 1 and using it would mean exposing a prime healer on the frontline. Breeding or fusing offensive spells onto a Lymean is a way to use their high mana and magic offensively, of course.

Their offensive output is limited even in the fields of love and lust. Lymeans struggle to turn others on, perhaps because they don't know what sexy is (as implied by their excellent lust resistance). They are the most lust-resistant among all base species and the player will not need to worry about having their support unit disabled via lust often.

A hostile Lymean will rarely attack directly. Instead they will heal and shield your enemies. When directly targeted, they are likely to use Teleport to run away frequently and make for an annoying chase - made even worse by their naturally high lust resistance.

Overworld[ | ]

A Lymean who knows Heal can cast that spell to heal party members' health in the overworld. With Teleport, they can send any party member or reserve unit other than the Main Character home at any time.

Breeding[ | ]

They have low Fertility and Virility, making them poor breeders.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Despite their sexual ineptitude, Lymeans tend to be beautiful and are good candidates for Brothel work.

Also they are light units and as such their males/futas produce valuable light semen, which sells for more than most other semen types. Light semen is also an often limited resource for crafting emergency healing items (such as Magic Bandages) and performance-enhancing consumables (such as Exp Potions).

Notes[ | ]

Lonada, a unique character that visits the player at random intervals, is a Lymean. Unlike her type species, Lonada is very interested in and involved with sex.

Trivia[ | ]

  • They don't reproduce as much as others so they are quite rare.
  • They are mostly very altruistic, caring more about others than themselves in sexual and non-sexual things.