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Overview[ | ]

Very pure species themselves but still very good at seducing others and dropping their resistances.

Combat[ | ]

The Siren has poor Strength and good Magic Growth befitting its Support Level Type, but also surprisingly high Lust Growth surpassing even many Seduction Types.

They have Dive and WaterShield as fixed skills, with a great variety of potential skills that allow the Siren to fulfil various different roles. The most obvious is creating water terrain for an aquatic team with CreateWater, WaterPath and its WaterTrail onMove, but it can also be a medic with GreaterHeal, Quench or MagicShield, a seducer with Entice and Attract, or even a powerful mage with LightningStrike and Spark, LightningStrike being particularly noteworthy for its long range and 0 cooldown. If you're aiming to acquire one through the Farm for a specific role, it's not a bad idea to play around with its Level Type as well.

Since the Siren is effectively always in water, consider having one with the Burning trait, which increases attack by the duration on the Burn status which is incremented every turn. The Siren won't take damage, but will gain the extra damage. Just be careful with WaterShield or enemy terraformers, which can leave your Siren stranded and open to Burn damage, or Quench which will remove Burns and the extra damage.

Telekenetic melee Sirens are quite good- with merfolk derived hp, and all the talents that buff magic (condensed, possessed, power-magic, etc...) they can end up both resilient and powerful. Being water based while the opponent isn't they tend to keep both attacks while engaged- no need for fragile agile characters. Equipping your Sirens with Tide callers can lend them mobility, if there's any issues with that- which there won't be. But those tide callers and a high mobility Water hammer unit will let them use all of their actions on attacks, rather than movement.

Overworld[ | ]

They have Glowing, which removes Vision penalties as well as allowing access to shadow biomes.

Breeding[ | ]

They have poor Stats for Breeding purposes. Combined with the fact that they have a long list of potential skills, you might want to fuse them instead.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • There are also many Special Hybrids that require Mermaid/Lymean genes, so you may be interested in keeping an eye out for Sirens to recruit.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Their body glows brightly from the inside, making it possible to see outlines of whatever is penetrating their pussies.