Fire Demon

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Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Fire Demons are aggressive all-rounders capable of fighting, spellcasting, and seducing. Though their Stat Growths aren't the best they have solid base Stats to start with, with their only real weakness being a lack of Lust Resistance. They are adept at lust-locking and Burning their enemies simultaneously.

Their fixed skill, FireBrand, highlights their multi-targeting capabilities, inflicting fire damage equal to the Lust inflicted on the target. Their list of potential skills reinforce the point with Aphrodisiac and Fireball, FlameStrike for AoE, and Attract even offering battlefield manoeuvring.

Even their passives work like that, as they have Pheromones onAttack and Burn onSeduce. With natural ranged attacks they don't even need to get close. Seducing should take priority over normal attacks however as it offers better range, and like most Succubus Hybrid Species they have SexAffinity to make it more effective.

All that makes for a solid addition to any lava team, though you'll need to be careful if you're trying to recruit an enemy. However if you're playing against them, that also means they should be high priority targets that are better taken out sooner than later.

Overworld[ | ]

There is a forest tile event involving Fire Demons and Futa Potions. If you have a Fire Demon in your party, you get an additional option to acquire the potion without a fight.

Breeding[ | ]

They have low Fertility and Virility, making them poor breeders.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Evolution can get a body part for her Chimera form by performing a ritual with them, the Lava Horns for the HeadSide slot.
  • If you're using the Chimera form, you'll definitely want the Lava Horns. They offer Health, Strength and Magic, making them one of the best in their category.

Trivia[ | ]

  • "Useful to change the terrain for a lava based team" says the Gallery, but that's outdated from several iterations back. They've undergone changes numerous times, and might even be a contender for basic hybrid that's been overhauled the most times.