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Chimera is a transformation unique to Evolution, representing her ability to absorb the genetic information of other species. As the name implies, Chimera can be an amalgamation of many different species. Individual parts may unlock by performing rituals with a species, which then become available as a selectable option in Chimera form. Using parts of one species does not obligate you to use other parts from the same species, one may have the lower body of a Plant Girl while having a lava chest from Lava Girls.

The tables below may serve as a reference for what parts are available. Not all parts may be available in a given playthrough.

To unlock all cores and chimera bodyparts available through the skill tree requires 42 Centaur, 65 Plant, 62 Mermaid, 40 Lava, 71 Lymean, 41 Succubus, 55 Harpy, 72 Lizard, 49 Insect, 46 Beast, 62 Shadow and 38 Tanid skill points total.

All parts are unlocked either by investing skill points, or by rituals with the relevant species.

Part types without listings contain only parts unlocked by default, with no stat modifiers. Such parts are purely cosmetic and do not impact gameplay.

Tags[ | ]

While not explicitly body parts in themselves, each part may come with tags which primarily affect Evolution's type for the purposes of Combat. Some types also provide other bonuses outside of combat. Those are listed below, along with any special tags.

  • Flying 2+: Special tag. Changes to flying movement; overrides all other movement types. Not a valid type and cannot be used as type.
  • Lava: Type. Immune to burn, provides access to lava portals and biomes. Native tile: lava

Evolution's type in Chimera form will always be the tag with the most score.

Core[ | ]

All cores are unlocked by Evolution's skill tree.

LowerBody[ | ]

Part Name Stats Unlock condition Required other body part Tag(s) Skills Passives Transform Stamina
Lava Mana +4, Magic +1, Speed +5 Pyrea LowerBody:Human Lava LavaTrail 3
Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example
Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example

Chest[ | ]

taur body: ritual with taur body type

mermaid body: ritual with mermaid body

snake body: ritual with snake body

   - lyra
   - mandragora
   - naga
   - wormaid

Arms[ | ]

Tits[ | ]

tits: ritual someone with titSize:

   2000+ -> large
   3000+ -> huge
   4000+ -> giant
   5000+ -> enormous
   6000+ -> colossal

Cock[ | ]

centaur cock: ritual with male/futa taur. large unlocked if > 60cm

mermaid cock: ritual with male/futa mermaid, large unlocked if > 22cm

human cock: ritual with male/futa

 20+ -> big
 25+ -> large
 30+ -> multicock

plant cock: ritual with someone with a plant cock

 0+ -> tiny
 15+ -> medium
 20+ -> large
 30+ -> giant

horse cock: ritual with someone with a horse cock

tentacle cock: exactly what you'd expect. see above

beast cock: ritual with a male/futa beast girl (basic species)

Balls[ | ]

centaur balls: ritual with taur with 2000+ cum production

snake double cock: ritual with male/futa snake body

balls: ritual someone with cum amount:

   100+ -> tiny
   500+ -> medium
   1000+ -> large
   3000+ -> huge
   5000+ -> giant

Tail[ | ]

HeadSide[ | ]

HeadCenter[ | ]

Wings[ | ]

HeadExtra[ | ]

Species specific unlocks[ | ]

 harpy -> tailfeathers
 mermaid -> gills + aquatic arms
 lymean -> manacap
 succubus -> blood halo
 plantgirl -> plant lower body, plant chest, plant arms
 fire demon -> lava horns
 lavagirl -> lava chest, lava arms (+ lava claws if you have claws unlocked), (but not lower body!)
 unicorn -> center horn
 cowgirl -> prehensile fluffy tail
 seer -> sensory magic eyes
 angel -> basic halo, tail feathers, feathered wings
 lizard girl -> center twin horns, poison glands, head scales
 insect girl -> sensory antenna, basic abdomen
 lava broodqueen -> lava abdomen
 lightbug -> energy abdomen
 butterfy -> insect wings
 spidergirl -> spider lower body
 mosquitogirl -> life abdomen
 slimegirl -> colossal slime tits
 beastgirl -> cat ears, basic fluffy tail, claws
 cat girl -> cat ears
 mantis -> pincers
 eaglegirl -> feathered wings
 demonbeast -> ram horns
 anglerfish -> head center light, light ears
 shadowghost -> shadow chest
 spirit -> shadow arms
 bat girl -> bat wings

Unique Character unlocks[ | ]

 aila -> horse ears
 castalia -> blue horsecock, hybrid horns
 flora -> prehensile plant tail pussy
 sylvie -> beast cock
 pyrea -> lava lower body

Special notes[ | ]

Centaur lower body disables wings. Spider lower body disables cock. Balls give virility bonus (bigger = more bonus), although the game tooltips do not state this. Changing body features (e.g. removing cock) doesn't influence home sextraining(2 hour) or dating options. Does affect 10 minute sessions.