Futa Potion

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The Futa Potion is a gender changing potion that's quite special since it can be used to enable certain gallery entries if given to certain NPCs, currently Mya and Lumira.

Acquisition[ | ]

  • Castalia's 3rd quest objective of getting 100 points through submitting sufficient new species/hybrids will give you one and unlocks the option to buy more from her, costing 1000 gold and one of her daily action points.
  • Lumira will sometimes have one for sale, if your relationship with her is high enough to trigger the unusual stock event.
  • Rose will come with one equipped in her consumable slot if you recruit her.
  • One can be crafted in Town. It requires 30 semen and 30 milk, taking 5 minutes and 1 stamina to create.