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Overview[ | ]

With the highest lust growth among all hybrid species and a high base beauty stat, the Vampire is a Succubus among Succubi, and an extremely competent debuffer & frontline unit. Flying movement and average speed allows the Vampire to easily position itself in the middle of enemy parties and act as a "shock" unit, spreading shadow tiles with their SpreadShadow OnAttack passive and severely softening or disabling enemies for the rest of your party to mop up.

LifeTap lets the Vampire create a shadow underneath them, which they can then absorb for a 50% strength/magic boost for no AP cost using their DrainShadow skill. With their Pheromones passive and sky-high lust damage, they can debuff or outright stun enemies. Because they do NOT naturally have shadow attacks, they can be given a shadow-type weapon (ideally VoidSword for cleave attacks) or have the skills Curse or MassCurse bred onto them (in lieu of Aphrodisiac most likely) to additionally inflict Cursed status on enemies, which can then be absorbed with their fixed skill DrainCurse to recover mana & health, 1 ap, and deal lust damage to the enemy. This combination lets the Vampire attack an enemy up to three times in one turn and almost certainly leave them lustlocked AND cursed, if not outright defeated.

Alternatively, MassSeduction can be bred onto them from various succubus hybrids for even more AoE debuffing.

Combat[ | ]

Aside from lust, Vampire growths are fairly balanced, with somewhat low health and somewhat high mana.

Enemies who are at 50-99% lust suffer +50% damage taken, -50% damage given, and +100% mana cost for spells, while Cursed gives an enemy -30% strength, -3 armor, and -3 LRes. Note that DrainShadow may leave the Vampire vulnerable to its ShadowBound trait if its unable to return the tile its on to shadow through its SpreadShadow onAttack passive. Ideally, another member of your team can spread shadow to the Vampire after its onslaught, as the Vampire is a unit to be supported; not the other way around.

Overworld[ | ]

Their Pheromones onAttack passive allows them to use Lure in portals for 5 mana and 3 stamina, which can be used to find rare creatures.

Breeding[ | ]

They have mediocre virility and average fertility. Their base beauty is high.

Moneymaking[ | ]

They have the same semen capacity as most other shadow species. Like most shadow species, they can be farmed for Dark Matter and have a meager 4 milk capacity.

Notes[ | ]

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