Beast Lizard

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Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Armored supporting species.

A decent all-rounder without any strengths or weaknesses. Their Level Type, stat growths and skills are all mismatched so they're not very useful as they are, but if you put in some effort you can get a solid unit that you can rely on in almost any situation.

One possibility is to breed one with an Endurance Level Type. A Beast Lizard's best stat is their Health, which also gets growth higher than any of their other stats. Combined with their natural Armor and their Thorns ability, they can become a tank that doesn't struggle to get to the frontline.

Another is to take advantage of their equally decent Strength and Magic to get them a skill that utilizes both. They only have two fixed skills, so you have two additional slots you can fill. For example, their Health is good enough to offset the cons of Nimble, which can set them up for a ShadowSpear.

Overworld[ | ]

They have Heightened Sense which gives them a bonus to scouting.

Breeding[ | ]

With an equal 25 to both base Virility and Fertility, they're one of the best options for breeding Lizard Girl hybrids, though there are better options for Beast Girl hybrids.

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