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Overview[ | ]

The Tansect is a quick, but frail attacker.

Combat[ | ]

Glass cannons very similar to Mantis in Stats and Skills, though with a few notable differences which means the Tansect must be used more strategically.

Tansects don't have an option to initiate without using AP, like the Mantis do with their LongJump. However their natural jumping movement combined with Agile means they generally get around much better than Mantis do, giving more opportunities to pierce and Swipe.

Their BulbJump, unlike other jumping skills, isn't meant for initiating but for spawning a SlimeBulb near the frontlines. While that has a long cooldown, the fact that the Tansect has SlimeTrail onMove means having a Tansect makes it easier get slime to use in the frontline, though due to their jumping movement it's not ideal for terraforming.

Like other tentacle hybrids and unlike the Mantis, Tansects don't suffer from having BadAnatomy.

Note that their Mana is quite good, in both base and growth. Consider swapping out their ExtractMana for another skill since their Magic is quite poor.
Creation can easily change their skillset with a variety of options. For example, they are poor terraformers naturally, but giving them SpreadSlime will instantly turn them into strong terraformers. Some other recommendations are Skills from Centaur, Beast Girl, Lymean and Shadow Ghost skill trees.

Overworld[ | ]

By default Tansects have no special use on the Overworld.

Breeding[ | ]

Like most Tanid species, Tansects have terrible Stats for breeding.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • When jumping, they can inject a bulbseed into the ground.