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Essences are global bonuses you can acquire for your own benefit. Unlike most other mechanics in the game, these remain exclusive to the player.

There are five different types. Starter essences which are given to you depending on your chosen starter species, Common/Rare/Legendary essences that you can get from exploring special event portals, and a few others that can be found elsewhere in-game.

The Starter essences are given to the player based on their chosen partners' primary species. If both partners are the same species, then the player will receive a second complimentary essence which typically favor single-species teams. Because Tanids cannot be chosen as starters, they lack initial essences.

Essence portals appear together every few days, with Common and Rare appearing every time and Legendary appearing every other time. These Essence portals are only open for a day and all of them close when you claim one, so you should choose which one you get carefully. However the options change by the hour, which allows some control over what you can take. Claiming an essence multiple times does not amplify the effect.

Essences are well worth the investment as the bonuses they provide are very powerful, with many of them even providing synergistic effects. For instance, Corrosion and Acid amplify the usefulness of Poison, while AngelPotential gives the same level increasing ability that the Starter trait gives, but to every unit at a lower cost.

Each starting MC and Elemental Affinity gets their own unique Essence.

  • Evolution gets Adaptation, which grants 0.1 to all stat growths whenever a unit is adapted with a genetic trait. With enough Stability and Evolution Potions, that's a full 1.0 to all stat growths for all 10 genetic trait slots (adapting skills don't count). Combined with other growth boosting Essences, you can achieve stat growths enough to make any unit a top-tier addition to your party.
  • Creation gets Corruption, which deals 2 damage to the Health and Lust of every enemy on slime, at both the start and end of every turn. This magnifies the advantages of her unique slime terrain and synergises with many other effects, particularly her Soul Fragment 6 bonus, which allows for various playstyles including unusual choices such as deploying a MushroomCore.
  • Druid gets NatureSpark, which lets Seedlings start a battle surrounded by grass. It may seem weaker than the other two at first glance, but not when you consider the boost to the already significant synergy that the Druid enjoys with Seedlings/Grass Spirits/Plant Hybrids. Combined with his Soul Fragment bonuses as well as certain other Essences, you can achieve an unparalleled synergistic effect.

While the 4th Main Character also gets Adaptation, they have no way to use it.

Currently, the list of Essences you have claimed will only show up to the first 47 you have claimed. The list will keep growing but you won't be able to see the list after the cut off mark. As such, if you wish to use and keep track of the bonus you are getting from EggMastery and GiantSoul, it's recommended to get them within those 47.

  • The "Species"Sparks seem to be bugged in It only seem to be giving +0.2 to stat growths.
  • Symbiosis looks like a Rare essence but it is actually obtained within a Legendary portal.
Starter Essences
Name Description
Centaur_1 If your largest characters are LandMount's, increase land biome travel speeds by 2 minutes.
Centaur_2 After a successful Charge attack, gain 1 Strength charge.
Plant_1 10 Food/day.
Plant_2 10 Wood/day.
Mermaid_1 Hatchery starts with 1 Water room, eggs hatched in a Water room have +5 usable stat increases.
Mermaid_2 Mermaids have +50% Stamina regeneration.
Lava_1 +5 Stone/day.
Lava_2 Weather never decreases fire damage.
Lymean_1 +2 Crystals/day.
Lymean_2 Whenever an ally restores health, they gain an equal amount of shield.
Succubus_1 +25% Brothel income.
Succubus_2 At the start of battle, all enemies take 2/5 lDmg for each SexMaster/SexGod on your team.
Harpy_1 +20% Egg stability modifier.
Harpy_2 Harpies start combat with +1 AP (can go above capacity).
Lizard_1 Special crafting recipes (ToxicPotion and PoisonBomb).
Lizard_2 Poison also decreases enemy speed by 3.
Insect_1 +20% egg growth modifier.
Insect_2 Insect queens can quickly spawn drone copies at the cost of energy.
Beast_1 When a Male/Futa Beastgirl (with energy) fucks an enemy, attempt to stun them for 2 turns.
Beast_2 Heightened Sense adds +2 to vision.
Shadow_1 2 Crystals/day.
Shadow_2 Weather never decreases Shadow damage.
Common Essences
Name Description
CentaurSpark Hatched/fused centaur hybrids get +0.5 magic growth.
PlantSpark Hatched/fused plant hybrids get +0.5 lust growth.
MermaidSpark Hatched/fused mermaid hybrids get +0.5 mana growth.
LavaSpark Hatched/fused lava hybrids get 0.5 speed growth.
LymeanSpark Hatched/fused lymean hybrids get +0.5 strength growth.
SuccubusSpark Hatched/fused succubus hybrids get +0.5 magic growth.
HarpySpark Hatched/fused harpy hybrids get +0.5 health growth.
LizardSpark Hatched/fused lizard hybrids get +0.5 magic growth.
InsectSpark Hatched/fused insect hybrids get +0.5 lust growth.
BeastSpark Hatched/fused beast hybrids get +0.5 mana growth.
ShadowSpark Hatched/fused shadow hybrids get +0.5 strength growth.
TanidSpark Hatched/fused tanid hybrids get +0.5 health growth.
Balance Hatched/fused characters get +0.3 growth to their lowest value.
Adaptation Adapting a character also increases all growth values by 0.1.
Corruption Enemies on slime take 2 dmg/ldmg at start and end of a turn.
NatureSpark Seedlings start the battle surrounded by grass.
VoidSpark maincharacter starts battle with +1 strength/magic charges for each empty ally slot.
SpiritBond Spirits start battles with +2 strength/magic charges.
CrystalSummon Gain a crystal whenever you summon a spirit.
Ingraining Whenever a floral ally defends, they gain 2 magic charges.
DefensiveHealing Regeneration on allies increases armor by 3 for the duration.
Corrosion Poison effects on enemies reduce armor by 5.
Fragility Freezing effects don't increase enemy armor.
Scalding Burn damages enemies even on water. Rain doesn't accelerate burn removal.
Draining Enemies start with half energy.
Rare Essences
Name Description
CentaurBlessing Whenever an ally charges without attacking, gain strengthbuff for a turn.
PlantBlessing Spawned vines gain the skills Entangle and Blink. They also gain doubled mana.
MermaidBlessing Each battle, turn up to 4 random tiles into water for each mermaid ally.
LavaBlessing Each battle, turn a random enemy tile into lava. Lava does double damage to enemies.
LymeanBlessing Whenever an ally restores hp, remove their poison.
SuccubusBlessing Enemies start at 25% lust.
HarpyBlessing Hatched eggs gain +1 speed.
LizardBlessing When an ally has poisonTongue, all allies start with poison coating for a turn.
InsectBlessing All non-queen insect hybrids gain +2 strength charges for each queen.
BeastBlessing Beast hybrids start with Focus for a turn.
ShadowBlessing Shadowform increases armor by 5.
TanidBlessing Replenish restores twice as much mana (slimebulbs).
WaterBlessing Max movement time on water is 10min (-1 min if already lower). 20% chance to not use stamina.
Refreshing 20% chance to not lose stamina when moving. Doubled during rain.
IceBound Ice characters don't lose stamina in snowy weathers.
Photovoltaic Characters with photosynthesis don't lose stamina in sunny portals.
Transference On expeditions, all characters gain the ability to transfer mana.
EnergyConversion On expeditions, all characters gain the ability to turn energy into mana.
FarSight +1 party vision on high ground.
Determination Your characters never start battles with a low morale debuff.
Diversity If you start with a full party of different species, all get 2 strength and magic charges.
LavaShield Your characters don't take direct damage from standing in lava.
EverFlame Burn doesn't degrade naturally on enemies.
Acid Poison effect deals doubled damage to enemies.
Fear Curse decreases enemy strength by 50%. (instead of 30).
Illusionary Blind effect decreases enemy magic strength by 50%.
PowerArmor Hardened skin effect on allies grants bonus strength equal to armor.
MagicShield Shield effect on allies also increases magic strength by 50%.
LustFul "Lustgain" and "Enticed" effect on allies increases LDmg by 50% (separately).
FocusStrength Focus also increases strength by 25%.
FocusMagic Focus also increases magic strength by 25%.
FocusArmor Focus also increases armor by 3.
Wildness Whenever the maincharacter recruits an enemy through sex, they get +0.5 to all stat growths.
InnerSoul +1 to soulfragment count
LuckyGenes +1 roll when determining genes for breeding.
ChaosFusion Fused Characters gain a random genetic trait.
ChaosSummon Spawned spirits gain a random genetic trait.
AngelPotential Gain the ability to increase characters' max level by spending their stamina.
DevilPotential Gain the ability to increase characters' max level by spending their max morale.
Legendary Essences
Name Description
Symbiosis At the start of combat, each ally gets a strength charge for each ally of a different species sharing a genetic species.
CentaurMastery After hitting a charge attack, gain focus for a turn.
PlantMastery Your plant/grass tokens spawned during combat get +100% hp/mana.
MermaidMastery Your aquatic characters start surrounded by water. (Doesn't affect your other characters' tiles)
LavaMastery Each lava girl hybrid starts combat with +1 magic charge for each other one.
LymeanMastery +1 to drain mana passives.
SuccubusMastery Enemies at max lust are always "engaged". (1 ap-reg)
HarpyMastery Party base flying movement-time -2 min.
LizardMastery Poison on enemies lasts forever.
InsectMastery With exactly 1 insect queen, she gains 2 magic charges for each other insect hybrid.
BeastMastery All fused beastgirl hybrids gain "SideStep".
ShadowMastery ShadowTrail effect lasts forever on allies. ShadowForm upkeep halved.
TanidMastery Increases radius of "Slimetrail" status effect. "SpreadSlime" creates twice as much slime.
FireMastery When lavastrength triggers, also apply 2 burn to nearby enemies. Otherwise heat own tile.
WaterMastery When calming waters triggers, also spread water to nearby tiles. Otherwise turn own tile into water.
GrassMastery When plantarmor triggers, also entangle surrounding enemies on grass. Otherwise turn own tile into grass.
IceMastery When frost magic triggers, also drain 1 mana from nearby enemies. Otherwise cool own tile.
StoneMastery "Throw" no longer deals damage to the thrown character if it's an ally.
LightMastery Enlightened on allies also increases LDmg by 100% and has no strength penalty.
DarkMastery Shadow armor grants a strength and magic charge when in shadow.
EggMastery X (increases with hatched eggs): Increase all growth values of hatched characters by X.
(÷100. That means 0.01 to stat growths per egg hatched. Limit 100.)
FusionMastery Can choose one more genetic trait when fusing.
SkillMastery All skills can be inherited through breeding.
EliteMastery Can have 2 elites in your party.
CleaveMastery Cleave does 75% dmg instead of 50% and never hits allies.
RangedMastery +1 range to basic ranged attacks.
AirControl +1 range to all ranged skills. (2+ range)
Materialization ShadowForm has no strength penalty on allies.
Purity Fused pure base species gain +0.4 to all stat growths.
Exotic When hatching a special hybrid, they gain +0.3 to all stat growth.
Conversion When recruiting an enemy through sex, they cleanse temporary effects, fully heal, gain 2ap and buffs.
GiantSoul X (increases with world bosses killed): Each battle, randomly spread X strength or magic charges among your characters.
(x2. For each boss killed you get 2 charges in battle. Limit 40 charges.)
Instability Whenever you successfully return from an unstable portal, spawn another with +1 hostility.
Other Essences
Name Description Notes
Choice +3 choices when selecting an essence. (Removed upon getting an essence) Yellow Starting bonus
AwakenLust When you sexually recruit an enemy in battle/shows, permanently double its LDmg. Demon brothel manager reward
Wisdom +100% exp to all characters. Seraph battle reward