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Achievements grant special profession and traits to the main character when creating a new game. Game difficulty must be at least 100% to be eligible for achievements.

Achievement list[ | ]

Name Details Reward
  • Successfully return from an unstable portal.
Explorer profession (1p):
  • Unstable portals spawn more frequently.
  • They have triple wealth.
  • Exp bonus of them is increased.
  • Obtain an artifact.
Artificer trait (3p):
  • Artifact uses are doubled.
  • Befriend and recruit a town NPC.
Partner trait (5p):
  • Can immediately recruit one of the town NPCs.
  • Win a difficulty 100+ battle.
Equipped trait (3p):
  • Produce an egg with the main character.
Breeder trait (5p):
  • Start with the Breeder genetic trait.
  • Recruit a lv 10+ character.
Recruiter trait (5p):
  • When failing to recruit an enemy set it's lust to the recruitment chance.
  • Reach 200+ score on a date.
Lover trait (3p):
  • Doubled chance to get relation quests.
  • Characters at 90%+ relation start battles with 3 strength/magic charges.
  • Beat the game for the first time with any character.
Hero profession (0p):
  • No bonus.
  • Essence portals won't open.
  • Special reward for beating the game.
  • Beat the game with the hero profession.
God profession (10p):
  • Start with 10 skillpoints in everything.
  • +100% hp/mana/maxlust
  • +2 str/mg/lDmg
  • Starting characters have maxlevel 20
EvoWin Evolved trait (7p):
  • All your genes +1 (applied after selected genes).
  • Beat the game with Creation main character.
Tentacle trait (3p):
  • Start with a maxlevel 10 Tentacle companion.
  • Beat the game with Druid main character.
Seedlings trait (5p):
  • Start with 2 Seedling companions.
  • 1 with the "Strong" trait.
  • 1 with the "Intelligent" trait.
  • Win with none of the 3 main characters.
Rebirth trait (5p):
  • Allow rebirth once per game
  • Select a character to upgrade genes/growths and reset them.
  • Transform into Godform.
StrongerStarters trait (15p):
  • Your 2 starter characters have a max level of +5.
  • (Genetic maxlevel as well).
  • Recruit Siena during the final battle.
Relaxed trait (4p):
  • Rival strength starts lower and increases slower.
  • Hatch a special egg. Combined powers.
Unknown trait (10p):
  • Start with an Unknown character.
  • She has the starter trait, and doesn't count as elite.
  • You can use more potions than usual.
  • Craft 100 items.
SoulReaper profession (1p):
  • Hatch 20 eggs in the first 30 days.
Hatcher trait (10p):
  • All eggs start with 1 day worth of progress (can be 100%).
  • Win the game and never let a newly joined character stay after combat.
  • Just recruited/some event characters must be removed before ending battles.
Familiar trait (10p):
  • Loyal characters' stats grow more than usual. (Similar to being a size bigger).
  • Hatched characters gain the loyal trait.
  • Send 10 lv 10+ character to the library within the first 30 days.
Researcher profession (10p):
  • Income from submitting species to the library is increased from 20$ to 50$.
  • Start the game with one character of each base species along chosen starters.
  • Get 5 other characters to lv 20 in the first 20 days.
Prepared trait (8p):
  • Beat the game without ever entering a portal expedition with any ally.
  • Recruiting characters inside/coming back is okay.
LoneWolf trait (-4p):
  • Start with 0 home capacity for other characters.
  • Only one farm capacity.
  • Maximum capacity also lowered.
  • Beat the game without ever letting your main character fall in combat.
Fragile trait (-4p):
  • Max Hp/Mana gets halved everytime your hp reaches 0.
  • Beat the game without letting any ally get injured/die and never abandon any character.
Protector trait (2p):
  • Start with the Protect skill available.
  • Beat the game without buying any home upgrades (in the upgrade tab).
Established trait (5p):
  • Start with 3 fields/quarries/lumbercaps and 1 crystal farm.
  • Beat the game with every sex skill 3 or lower.
Purity trait (5p):
  • LRes +10.
  • Beat the game without ever ending a day with negative money.
Noble profession (3p):
  • Start with 5000 money.
  • Get 5% interest each day.
  • Recruit Terranva
  • Path to alternate endings. Requires unique infos from all 3 main characters.
RadiationImmunity trait (10p):
  • Start with the RadiatonImmunity genetic trait. (Immune to radiation in weather and combat).
  • Alternate ending.
PortalShaper profession (1p):
  • Grants the ability to create/manipulate portals.
  • +5 stabilised portal capacity.
  • Start with portal skill.
  • Alternate ending.
Knowing trait (5p):
  • Start the game with 3 divine favours. Can be turned into powerful effects.
Mechanical Mechanist profession (1p):
  • Can build and upgrade robots using various materials.
  • Mechanical units grow stronger (+25%)

Robots trait (3p):

  • Robots may spawn in the wild.
  • Defeat ???.
HiddenPower trait (5p):
  • Special character for each MC:
  • Evolution: Can freely change element and damage type of any character.
  • Creation: TentacleSwarm skill.
  • Druid: +1 skilltree node for each category.
  • Learn genetic information of all base species and hybrids.
HeadStart trait (6p):
  • Start with an offspring of the starter characters.
  • Have 15+ unique non-humanoid creatures at home.
ZooKeeper profession (1p):
  • Complete 10 Kings quests in the first 30 days.
Favored trait (5p):
  • King's quests are optional.
  • Win 100 battles in a row without fleeing or losing.
BattleMaster profession (8p):
  • You have 25% more health, +2 str, +1LRes and +1 speed.
  • You have 25% more mana, +2 magic
  • Good starting equipment.
  • 50 max Stamina.
  • Recruit every town NPC.
Famous trait (5p):
  • Start with relation of 30 with every recruitable town NPC.
  • Kill the king in the first 15 days.
Ruthless trait (2p):
  • Start with max morale +50. (High morale is still 75+).
  • Defeat a giant Kraken in the first 30 days.
KrakenAlly trait (10p):
  • Start with a max-level 10 small Kraken.
MushroomSlayer MushroomFarm trait (3p):
  • Start with a mushroomfarm.
  • Food production +50/day.
  • +1 kingshroom/day.
  • Defeat a giant Lava Fish in the first 30 days.
LavaImmunity trait (3p):
  • Start with permanent lava immunity.
  • Defeat any giant boss.
GiantHunter trait (3p):
  • Start with 100 uses of boss bait.
  • Defeat a giant Kitsune boss in the first 30 days.
Summoner trait (5p):
  • Allows you to summon wisps. (Selectable skill in character menu).
  • Defeat a giant Life Root in the first 30 days.
Liferoot trait (4p):
  • Have access to all plant summons.
  • Mana +5.
  • Defeat a giant Sky Worm in the first 30 days.
Floating Trait (4p):
  • Movement type counts as Flying on the Overworld and can access air portals
  • -25% Mana
  • Get a level 20 spirit in the first 15 days.
Elementalist profession (5p):
  • Can summon any type of spirit, regardless of starting affinity.
  • Summoned spirits start with an additional random trait and +5 total genes.
  • Unique evolution.
  • Hatch a special hybrid.
Anomaly trait (10p):
  • Special hybrids may spawn instead of other random/native species.
  • Beat the game with 200%+ difficulty.
Hardmode trait (-3p):
  • Enemy strength/hostility scales quicker
  • Beat the game with 600%+ difficulty.
Bonus trait (-10p):
  • Free points to use earned by completing the Extreme achievement.
  • Beat challenge rank 10.
Ascended profession (1p):
  • Get a divine favour each day. (Can be turned into powerful effects).
  • Start a fight with 2 full rank 5 species synergies.
Synergist trait (5p):
  • You can change the primary genetic species of spirits to any base species.
  • Win without ever fusing or hatching.
Natural trait (-5p):
  • You can't fuse or hatch characters.
  • All characters have doubled stamina regeneration.
  • All characters can increase max level similar to starters.
  • Hidden end (Creation)
Delayed trait (-3p):
  • Your rivals start with +40 power.
FungalBond FungalCompanions trait (5p):

Tips[ | ]

  • The Researcher achievement can be obtained relatively easily in less than 15 days by using the Trainer profession and max level 10 starters. The starters will be able to provide a steady income of level 8-11 eggs which can be fused into different species and then trained by Aila.
  • The AllSpecies achievement can be quickly obtained by Creation using the Experienced trait. A single starter is enough to fuse summoned Base Species and cycle through all the possible hybrids. Working at the brothel may also discover a fair amount of hybrids.
  • A quick way to complete the QuestCompleter achievement is by only enabling "Training" King Quests and training the characters at Aila.
  • Elementalist is also easy to achieve with help of Aila's training.
  • The fastest way to complete the Crafter achievement is with a Spider Girl farm and crafting Robes as they only cost two Silk to make.
  • The Druid can obtain the Synergist achievement by creating a Phoenix, Demon (with Harpy/Lava genes), FireDragonGirl (Harpy/Lava genes), AN-3 (copying a Phoenix), and BloodFairy (by converting a phoenix, must kill the King to obtain blood magic). --- I didn't think of using a BloodFairy. I guess that means Spectres and SuperHybrids can also be used for this achievement. I actually went through the gallery and found Mermaid/Lymean (Siren, AnglerFish, Naiad, WaterAngel, GlowFish) and Succubus/Beast (CatGirl, DemonBeast, Satyr, BatGirl, Fenrir) which isn't limited to Druid and can be done through breeding/fusing. For Mermaid/Lymean start with a PlantMermaid and a LightLizard, and look for a ShadowGhost in the tavern. For Succubus/Beast start with ShadowBeast and FireDemon.
  • Evolution can obtain Synergist with two pure species, a hybrid of those species, AN-3 copying one of those pure species, and the MC transformed into any special form with the other species selected for both slots. A special hybrid with genes of only one species, among other alternatives, can also be used instead of AN-3.