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Strategies[ | ]

Satyrs are definitely among the top lust focused units, but there are more easily obtained alternatives that perform just as well, if not better. Vampires have better potential (base Lust 4, growth 1.8) with natural Pheromones onAttack and the same Swing attack as well as better strength growth. Creation can get Succubid which also get the same Lust stats and Swing as Satyrs but match the strength growth of Vampires. Druid can get Seedling Nymphs with the same Lust stats as Satyr, but also double as powerful mages.

Combat[ | ]

At first glance the base stats of 3 Strength with Charge move and Swing attack, from a unit being part Centaur and part Beast, might tempt you into thinking this unit would be pretty good at fighting, but its growth is terrible at 0.7 and the Seduction Level Type makes that worse. Its true value is in its Lust, with a base value of 5 and a growth of 1.5. Jump lets it get into the midst of enemies for MassSeduction, while the Charge move combines well with weapons that have passive Pheromones like MagicWhip.

The low Strength actually works in your favor if you want to utilize their Tail whip on your own Creatures however. If you want a beastmaster Satyr you could consider making it a Support Type with the skills and Traits for that purpose (e.g. crippling their strength growth with Manabound). Consider using a Cow Girl for TransferMana and Invigorate.

Overworld[ | ]

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Notes[ | ]

There is a Unique Satyr, Rhita.

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