Glow Fish

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Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Glow Fish have potential to become good Aquatic support/magic units with good mobility.
They have pretty good growths, with only strength having value below 1 and most of their skills are at least decent.

They can be improved by units that can give Enlightened status, as it improves their LightFlash and LightRay skills. When Glow Fish is enlightened LightRay affects units standing near the target, although for half the effect. Targetting enlightened units shields them instead of damaging them, making units with HolyLight really good support for Glow Fish as it enlightens all allies for 3 turns. This essentially let's you freely use LightRay against groups of enemies standing near a group of allies without having to worry about friendly fire. Other than that, their fixed skill Attract is quite useful for seduction as it scales with both Lust Damage and Magic.

Getting Telekinetic trait is a good idea, as it will make Strength unnecessary to deal good damage with basic attacks.

Overworld[ | ]

Their Glowing removes vision penalties caused by terrains and caves, while also giving you access to shadow biomes and revealing entire enemy parties. Combined with Eagle Eyed and Magic Vision Glow Fish has potential to become quite useful as a scout.

Breeding[ | ]

They can transfer their skills LightRay, MagicShield and Attract to units with better Magic values.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Glow Fish have a beauty of 90, making them useful at brothel.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]