Base Species Perks

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Depending on the sum of base species in one's team, during combat gain up to 5 (up to 4 for most) bonuses per base species. Enemies also benefit from this. Pure species like PlantGirl/PlantGirl count as 2 base species. If there are multiple characters with the same species, like multiple angels, only 1 will count.

To see these bonuses during combat, hover over top middle "Player" or "Enemy" accordingly. To see in Town or Portal Map: bottom, below "Battleranks".


  • 2: When a male/futa centaur (with energy fucks an ally, grant target haste for 3 turns.
  • 3: Allies start with strength charges equal to empty skill slots.
  • 4: When charging without hitting an enemy, 50% chance to regain 1 ap.
  • 5: Dropping a weapon grants strengthbuff and focus for a turn.


  • 2: +5 food after a won battle.
  • 3: Absorbing water also affects other plantgirls and floral units on grass for half the effect.
  • 4: When a plantgirl/floral unit is defeated, use their magic to shield all other floral units.
  • 5: +5 wood after a won battle.


  • 2: Poison/Burn duration on allies decreases twice as fast.
  • 3: "Dive" grants 2 magic/strength charges.
  • 4: Mermaids skill cooldowns reduce by 2/turn.
  • 5: At the start of each turn, shield all allies by 1 for each mermaid on water.


  • 2: Allies gain 2 magic charges whenever they lose hp to fire damage.
  • 3: When an ally has 5+ magic charges, gain +2 strength charges each turn.
  • 4: At the end of your turn, deal 1 fire dmg to ALL characters.
  • 5: "Explosion" only damages the user by half their max hp.


  • 2: "MagicShield" also grants +1 str/magic charge to target.
  • 3: Stamina costs of initiating battles halved.
  • 4: +1 crystal after a won battle.
  • 5: Enemies with O mana take double dmg from all sources.


  • 1: When seducing an enemy, increase LDmg by 1 for each allied succubus.
  • 2: Whenever a succubus (with energy) fucks an enemy, deal 2*LDmg to other enemies.
  • 3: Allies can still move/seduce even at 100% lust.
  • 4: Enemies at 50%+ lust take double dmg, (instead of +50%).
  • 5: When attacking a creature, use IDmg instead of strength (if it's higher)


  • 2: At the start of each turn, unengaged allies gain a str charge for each adjacent enemy.
  • 3: After flying to land near an enemy, gain mg shield.
  • 4: Allies start with haste for a turn.
  • 5: Allies are immune to slow.


  • 2: Poison on allies has a 50% chance to not deal dmg.
  • 3: Using "Toxin" on an ally grants 3 magic/strength charges.
  • 4: "Regenerate" also grants 2 strength charges.
  • 5: +1 duration for positive status effects. -1 for negative (min 1). (Reversed effect on enemies).


  • 2: +1 energy drained when servicing enemies. +25% service success chance.
  • 3: With exactly 1 insect queen, start battles with a genetic copy as a drone.
  • 4: Servicing an enemy without energy exhausts them for the remaining battle.
  • 5: Insect girls start battle with magic charges equal to half their energy. (max 10).


  • 2: 50% chance to regain 1 stamina when spending it on a skill.
  • 3: Allies start with +2 strength charges.
  • 4: "Jump" also grants strength buff for a turn.
  • 5: If an ally has 5+ strength charges, they never count as engaged in battle.


  • 1: Start with 2 random shadow tiles on the map.
  • 2: +20% global dark damage.
  • 3: At the start of each turn: If 15+ tiles are shadow, curse all enemies.
  • 4: Consume random unoccupied shadow tiles to negate hp damage of allies. (after damage reduction).
  • 5: Enemies start cursed for a turn. Cursed enemies take 25% more damage.


  • 2: Level 1 characters start battle with +2ap and 5 str/magic charges.
  • 3: Start with a slimebulb on the field.
  • 4: A random enemy starts infected for 10 turns.
  • 5: Sex-recruited characters gain the "Slime" trait.