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Since the game has a large variety of diverse and interesting mechanics there are many different strategies for completing the game and getting different achievements. This page discusses the options for these strategies, as well as provides links to detailed guides.

As part of bigger strategies descriptions it is also worth to check Tips and Tricks wiki page

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Main Character[ | ]

Evolution[ | ]

Creation[ | ]

Druid[ | ]

  • Taking Potential can give you enough points to take all the best skills from all categories, though you'll still have to sacrifice some global points from Support and Dexterity trees, the skills and stats they proivde aren't as strong as the one you can buy with Global points from the other trees. Combining all the Strength and Magic point increases with the final gift from Aila and the fact you can get Mobile along with the Backstab skill, you can consistently attack upto 3 times each turn. This can be enough to kill anything (except some maxlevel bosses) within a single turn. Getting PiercingClaws from mutagens is the final icing to the cake, though Lust focused enemy teams are still a pain to deal with. Getting Burning from a Mutagen can allow you to solo the Leviathans.

Boss/Giants fight strategy and tactics[ | ]

King[ | ]

Two part battle. The king himself is not very strong, and his guards are a rather random assortment of units. The big thing to watch out for is the two Fire Dragons that will accompany him in the second battle. These are lava-type units, so prepare accordingly. Fire attacks will barely harm them.

Hebi[ | ]

Life Root[ | ]

Kitsune[ | ]

Mushroom core[ | ]

Lava Fish[ | ]

Kraken[ | ]

Seraph[ | ]