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Its nearly impossible for any newbie to beat the game when it is set to very short. I recommend making it longer.

BreadDain (talkcontribs)

Longer game will require effective use of breeding techniques which are not covered by this guide. Going for a very short run and using just only unique characters should be suffice to beat every story encounter, making it longer will make it much more difficult since uniques are not scaling but enemies/rivals do. I've posted on discord 2 gameplay videos that closely resemble following this guide, a king was beaten on day 5 and that's already an endgame, final encounter shouldn't be much more difficult. And I've recorded it on 200% difficulty, so anyone can follow it.

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BreadDain (talkcontribs)

Don't know if the author of that section would be reading this topic, but those additions don't really fit in this guide. Not only that information is somewhat breaking narration style by refering in 3rd person, but also has low value info. Meira was covered withing FAQ section, prioritising her recruitment shouldn't be by any means necessary for newbie. Getting a decent starter for raising it up to lvl 20 is impossible and sub-optimal by time limit, there are no decent traits to pick and uniques will beat them in effectiveness. Unlocks are also not worth mentioning for completely new player since they are overwhelmed enough to bother, it might be useful information for a different type of guide tho. I am reverting the edit, but if you find it really necessary to add to the guide, feel free to put it inside the narration so it doesn't break the guide in parts. As short answers in FAQ section, as a separate scetion withing guide itself, or withing the paragraph - doesn't matter.

For a restoration reference:

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