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This template draws a progress bar using {{Progression}} and displays a statistics box. It differs from the original bar in that is designed for use in backlog category elimination drives; as articles are removed from the category specified, the percentage goes up based on the original population (e.g., at the start of the drive) and the goal.

At the end of the drive, if the statistics are to be preserved as they are, one must first |substitute the template, then substitute all the PAGESINCATEGORY magic words within. Invisible comments have been added to the code to make this process easier.


Full version
{{Backlog progress bar|initial= |goal= |category= |unit= }}
Required fields
  • initial: Initial backlog population (e.g., at the start of the drive)
  • category: Backlog category, omitting the "Category:" prefix
Optional fields
  • goal: Target category population, defaults to "0"
  • unit: Unit used, defaults to "articles"
  • title: Replaces progress bar title text (link remains same)
  • extra: Adds an extra operation to the current value (example: +34)

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