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Takes up to 10 delimiter separated strings, replaces the last word of each string with an appropriate icon and then returns it all as one string. Meant for adding icons to passive skills.

Valid words that get replaced at the end are:

  • attack = On attack
  • defend = On getting attacked
  • seduce = On seduce
  • seduced = On getting seduced
  • fuck = On fuck
  • move = On move
  • death = On death
  • turnstart = On turn start
  • turnend = On turn end
  • combatstart = On combat start
  • combatend = On combat end
  • global = Global effect

Extra parameters are:

  • delim= sets the delimiter between strings (default=/)
  • px= sets the image sizes (default=14)
  • prefix= sets a prefix in front of each outputted string (default=)
  • suffix= sets a suffix after each outputted string, but before the icon (default= )
    • Use this to insert a string with spaces on the outside:
      <nowiki/> only works with a single space on either side <nowiki/>

Using this:

Note: nowiki tags are being weird, check the source editor for the actual code
{{PassiveIcon|delim=%|prefix=<br>OwO<nowiki/> <nowiki/>|suffix= - |px=28|What's this? seduce%also defend%I'm sorry for the move%bad joke attack}}

Gets you this:
OwO What's this? - On seduce
OwO also - On getting attacked
OwO I'm sorry for the - On move
OwO bad joke - On attack
OwO thanks - On getting attacked

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