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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Tag.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template provides a quick way to mention an XML/HTML-style tag in a preformatted way.


{{tag | tagname | type (optional) |content=text (optional) |attribs=attributes and values (optional)}}

First unnamed parameter
The XML/HTML tag's name (e.g. code, ref). Default is "tag".
Second unnamed parameter
To indicate which of the tag's types is/are presented:
p / pair (default) : A matching pair of open/start and close/end tags (e.g. <div>...</div>).
To suppress the ellipsis ("...") between the tags, add an empty content parameter.
o / open : An open/start tag (e.g. <span>).
c / close : A close/end tag (e.g. </span>).
e / empty  or  s / single  or  v / void : An empty element, formed with a single self-terminating tag (e.g. <hr />); in HTML5 these are now known as "void" elements, though "empty" is the more common term.
Text to place between open/start and close/end tags. Default is the ellipsis (...).
attribs / params
Attributes and values to be included as part of an open/start tag.
wrap = y / yes
Disable nowrap for long samples.
link = y / yes
Link to the element's entry at Wikipedia's respective HTML element article, e.g.:
This link is only for HTML elements; the page is hard-coded, so it cannot be used for, e.g., XML elements from a particular schema. If desired, a feature for specifying the link page can be added.
= css style
= plain : no border, transparent background
default style is:
color: #000;
background-color: #f8f9fa;
border: 1px solid #eaecf0;
border-radius: 2px;
padding: 1px 4px;


Code Result
{{tag|ref}} <ref>...</ref>
{{tag|ref|content=}} <ref>...</ref>
{{tag|ref|content=hello}} <ref>hello</ref>
{{tag|span|content=foo}} <span>foo</span>
{{tag|span|open}} <span>
{{tag|span|open|content=hello}} <span>hello
{{tag|span|close|content=hello}} hello</span>
{{tag|span|pair|content=hello}} <span>hello</span>
{{tag|ref|open|attribs=group="note"}} <ref group="note">
{{tag|references|single}} <references />
{{tag|br|single}} <br />
{{tag|!--|content=comment}} <!--comment-->
{{tag|math|attribs=chem}} <math chem>...</math>
{{tag|a|attribs=href="<nowiki>https://en.wikipedia.org/</nowiki>"|content=English Wikipedia}} <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/">English Wikipedia</a>
{{tag|span|content=no border, transparent background|style=plain|link=y}} <span>no border, transparent background</span>
{{tag||content=|style=color:forestgreen}} <tag>...</tag>

The documentation above is based on Wikipedia's Template:Tag/doc.