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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Tt.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


{{tt|text to format here}}

renders as:

text to format here

This template is for formatting short bits of content (the only parameter) as monospaced (nonproportional) text. It is simply a quick shorthand for the necessary CSS code. It is a replacement for <tt>...</tt>, which is an obsolete element under HTML5. (Non-conforming features)

This template should be used where the content is being rendered in monospaced text for purely stylistic/display reasons, where this display has no particular semantic significance.

It cannot be used to mark up multiple paragraphs, sections or other block elements, as it uses <span>...</span>, which is an inline element.

<code>...</code> is normally used to indicate source code and <var>...</var> for variables or variable input.
<kbd>...</kbd> and <samp>...</samp> display similarly to <tt>, and are normally used for keyboard and samples.

For example:

  • {{tt|123<br/>ABC}}


  • 123

rather than

  • 123


{{{1}}} or unnamed
The content to format as monospaced. If the content contains a = character, {{=}} must be used instead.

Note: Copied from wikipedia:Template:Mono, renamed to 'tt' because it replaces the tt tag.
"monospace, monospace" needed per wikipedia:Wikipedia:Typography#The_monospace_'bug'