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I've done pretty much everything there is to do in this game including the new True End, but I have still have not seen how you get the five seals at all let alone in month 1 for the achievement. The game helps you with Cat and Dark seals, but the rest are MIA. Please don't tell me you need to find a the ultra-rare Heaven biome to get this one.

Iron stag (talkcontribs)

You need to find the ultra-rare Heaven biome to get this one


you need to find 5 seal types, then you can find a holy seal normally in the special seal heaven portal.

Swamp Seals can be found by luring in swamp biomes.

Frost Seals can be found by luring on any tundra tile.

Dark Seals can be found by luring on any deep water tile. (I know, right?)

Holy Seals can be found by luring in heaven biomes.

Spiked Seals can be found by a somewhat rare ! event, or somewhat rarely found in wild battles.

I've found Cat Seals plentiful, even as "vanguard units", in unstable portals that are primarily made out of water tiles.

Note that I'm pretty sure the lure ones can *technically* be found without lure (I've seen a frost seal and swamp seal in wild parties before), but I wouldn't count on it.

As far as finding an ultra-rare heaven biome goes, the "harsh" game difficulty rule can make floating islands MUCH more plentiful. You can combine this rule with the "PortalShaper" profession, which gives you the ability to make all stable portals accessible (and embiggen them, so you don't find yourself encountering an enormous holy seal without a teleport stone or something). Additionally, Terranva's (and PortalShaper MC's) create portal ability appears to be subject to "Harsh" generation.

Keep in mind that heaven biomes are much smaller than other biomes, and it can be easy to miss them. Any unit with the "Portal" skill (including Terranva and PortalShaper MC, but it can also be gotten through skill fusion) can be used to quickly zoom across floating maps for exploration (if you're good on crystals, which are easy to get once you set up a couple crystal breeders), in conjunction with an AirMount (remember: LandMount+Floating=AirMount). MagicVision, which can be bought from Sylvie for 10k and slapped onto any unit, can also obviously be helpful on high-MP unit. When you do find a seal biome, you can slap down a relay right next to them for insta-MP regeneration. (talkcontribs)

Laquas should count as well, and there's an injured Spiked Seal from the oasis event. The Cat Seal can be gotten from the start if you pick all blue traits. There's a beach event that gives you Dark Seals, so you only really need to go looking for one.

Frost Seals have the highest chance since they have the whole ice portal, Swamps Seals spawn in Swamps when it's raining. I wouldn't go for the Holy Seal for the achievement, not only do you need a Heaven Biome it also needs to rain.

Like Iron Stag said, best bet is Harsh difficulty and PortalShaper MC. I also recommend free play so you can focus on getting seals and not worry about Kings Quests. (talkcontribs)

No Laquas if you pick PortalShaper btw, if you pick that you need to find two.

Iron stag (talkcontribs)

oh and IDK if this is common knowledge, but the units who can use "lure" are the mostly ones who can produce Aphrodisiac. Succubus/Plant, Succubus/Succubus, Succubus/Lizard, Sylvie, and Swamp Seals produce aphrodisiac. Avy produces aphrodisiac, but apparently cannot lure. Flora can lure, despite not producing aphrodisiac (despite being a Succubus/Plant). You don't need rain to find them with lure. Laquas are (AFAIK) normally unobtainable without the Tamer/Elementalist professions (and possibly ZooKeeper, by chance?), which are unfortunately incompatible with PoralShaper. Laquas can be found in the seal heaven portal though.

FYI, I don't think you can GET normal ice portals with harsh difficulty. There are floating island tundra portals, but in my experience they're 30% tundra tiles to 70% grass. (talkcontribs)

Thanks that helps alot. I didn't realize Laquas counted for one of them. (talkcontribs)

Really? You don't need rain? When I was going for the Holy Seal I couldn't find one no matter how much I used lure, and it wasn't raining. In the end I had to rely on them spawning during rain. I'm pretty sure it needs rain for them to spawn. Even if it doesn't, I'm positive it increases the chances.

ZooKeeper doesn't give you a Laquas and Elementalist needs to evolve them, so for the purposes of this achievement Tamer is better, especially since you need to go out and catch at least one in the wild.

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