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Pedito (talkcontribs)
  • Cave: Add Nectar to items table.
  • Sex page
  • Dating page
  • Game start settings page
  • combat: Move stuff to stats page
  • hatcher trait page
  • ease of access to status effects, crafting, achievements, stats and stat growths
  • Stats: stat page rework
  • Change back creature infoboxes, no NA for lust
  • Fishing page. -Fish types and images
  • HardenedSkin increases strength by armor?
  • Combat: add interrogation symbol and weather red boxes to combat example image

Game start settings, profession details

  • Entertainer: relationship gains *3

Brothel info

Effective brothel value: for every 50 brothel score, halve effectiveness. Example, score = 200, so effective value = 50 + 25+ 12.5 +6.25

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