From Portals of Phereon Wiki
Aila: Nudity decreases fun gains.\nFaster location changes
Castalia: +2 lewd when at high lust. Doubled lust gain.\nClimax always exits sexual mode.
Flora: Climaxes don't exit sexual mode.
Lumira: Special home location.
Mya: Can eat more frequently.
Seliel: Don't exit sexual stance when entering the forest.
AN_3: Start dates permanently energized.
Sera: Her hand actions have no lewdity requirement.
Sylvie: Special home location.\nNudity has less effect.
Pyrea: +1 lewdity when nude.
Vera: After a perfect date, the next seedling summoned today will get +2 to all genes.
Lily: Climax actions restore 2 stamina to you.
Rena: Get 2 gifts as a reward for a good date.
Celia: Special gift for good dates.
Anna: Special beach training action. (requires her pet)
Lina: After a perfect date, the next seedling summoned today will get +2 to all genes.
Inara: Climax actions cause aphrodisiac for 20 min.
Narah: Special beach action.
Shadow: After a terrible date (<5 score), she drains 2 of your max mana.
Meira: Produces +1 healing silk on a good date.
Rose: Start with permanent aphrodisiac effect.
Devy: Special tavern/beach actions.
Suzy: Climax actions lower your morale by 5. If possible, increase score by 3.
Phy: A perfect date raise her max level by 1.
Cella: When filled with cum, increase cock/tit size a bit.
Girata: Doesn't get angered.
Yavoli: Faster location changes.
Liza: Special forest action
Sharra: Doubled fishing rewards. (stacks with aquatic bonus)
Lyra: Halved lust/fun gain from cards in public.\nDoubled in private location.
Evel: Always at 10 lewdity.
Eryn: Random egg gifts after a good date. (based on date quality)
Avy: Special potion effects.
Lonada: When filled with cum for 1h+ duration \nClear effect and raise max mana by 1.
Pryla: Aphrodisiac duration doubled.
Xroha: Better forest relax option.
Cuska: Never loses fun.
Morta: Climax actions drain 1 max hp from you.