WIP - End the Worlds with Evolution

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Introduction[ | ]

This is a guide for consistently clearing high difficulty runs using the Evolution based around Lava Girls' WorldsEnd skill by Sukkubix.

We will be using a Homogeneous team of Lava Girls each possessing the FlameStrike and WorldsEnd skills, powering them up with genetic traits to mitigate the high mana cost of these skills.

This guide was last updated for Version 11.1.0.

Pros[ | ]

  • Extremely consistent, you are typically ready for the final encounter between days 15-20, leaving over 15 days of breathing room.
  • Can easily clear every achievement without using newgame+ except Lone Wolf.
  • With every fight on the first turn with a single button.
  • Can spend most of the time sleeping, no need to explore portals, do kings quests, or otherwise engage with most of the game.

Corollary, you can do almost anything you want, and easily win the game.

  • Can easily clear 600%+ difficulty, 824% (Max as of 11.1.0) is possible

Cons[ | ]

  • Struggles with Unprepared as you can't win first turn. Ways to mitigate are discussed at the end

Getting Started[ | ]

Prerequisite[ | ]

  • Hatcher Trait (Main Character)
  • Arcane Creature Trait (Very nice to have, not required)
  • Intelligence Creature Trait (Very nice to have, not required)
  • Potential Creature Trait (Nice to have, not required)
  • Growth Creation setting (Not required, but helpful)
  • Fast Hatching Creature Trait (Not required, slightly speeds up the playthrough)

Unlocking Prerequisites[ | ]

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Character Creation[ | ]

Main Character[ | ]

Profession: Farmer[ | ]

We require a minimum of 12 trait points for the main character. Set your difficulty traits based off the -cost traits you have.

Required Traits[ | ]
  • Hatcher 10p (Strongly recommend, guide assumes you have it)
Optional Traits[ | ]
  • HardMode -3p (The downside doesn't affect us, gives extra points)
  • Fragile -4p (We don't use our MC for anything, doesn't hurt us at all)
  • LoneWolf -4p (Doesn't really hurt us, take it if you need the points, the other two are better though)
  • Bonus -10p (Useful on 824 runs, otherwise take it if you want)
  • GiantHunter 3p (Take if you want the boss killing achievements)
  • Breeder 5p (Lets you get your team faster)
  • MushroomFarm 3p (Infinite food)
  • Intelligent 7p (Can be nice to take if you don't have the creature trait)
  • Endurance 3p (Can be kind of nice, if you are going to be doing brothel performances)

Starter Characters[ | ]

Species: Lava / Lava[ | ]
Gender: Futa[ | ]
Required Traits[ | ]
  • Weak -2p
  • Frail -2p
  • ShortSighted -1p
  • Slow -3p
  • Ugly -3p
  • Dumb -2p (Only take on the non-Intelligent character)
Recommended Traits (In the order of priority)[ | ]

Unless specified, only take the trait on one of your characters.

  1. Busty 0p (FREE, Slight fertility boost; Take for both characters)
  2. Pure 0p (FREE; Take for both characters)
  3. Intelligent 5p (Gives mana, and lets our girls level faster)
  4. Arcane 6p (Gives magic and mana, what more could we want)
  5. Quick Hatching 3p (Lets you same-day-hatch right at the start of the playthrough)
  6. Stud 5p (Faster breeding / levelup)
  7. Potential 5p (Gives more stats as you level)
  8. Size: Large 3p (Gives a nice stat boost, but your preference. Large characters can do all the required content, but may not be able to enter all standard portals)
Note about Traits[ | ]

The more -cost and 0 cost traits we have, the easier the early fusings will be. Thus we want to take as many of them as we can. None of the early generations will actually be fighting, so the negatives don't matter.

Guide Settings[ | ]

These are the character creation settings I am taking for the purpose of the screenshots in this guide.

Day 0-1[ | ]

Day 0[ | ]

The first thing you will want to do is visit the various shops:[ | ]

  • Portals - Take the teleport stone
  • Brothel - Follow -> Fuck her
  • Tavern - Milk, check the quests. Sometimes you can hand in your herbs for 200g.
  • Shop - Choose Amulet
  • Arena - Choose Strength

Next you will want to transform your main character[ | ]

  • LavaGirl / LavaGirl
  • Special: None
  • Gender: Futa
  • Size: Large
  • Skills:
    • Fireball
    • Create Lava
    • Ignite
    • Rescue

Move all characters you have to your party and equip any items[ | ]

Go to Arena and complete any battles your main character can join[ | ]

Be careful to not let anyone die. Difficulty 1 and 2 should be fairly easy. If you are not confident you can win without losses, skip this step.

Copy QuickHatching to the other starter[ | ]

  1. Go to the Lava Girl that has Quick Hatching and choose Copy Trait
  2. Select Quick Hatching
  3. Go to the other Lava Girl
  4. Select Adapt character
  5. Select Quick Hatching

Add both characters to the farm and setup your breeders.[ | ]

  • You will want to focus the "good" traits you chose.
  • You will want to focus the Fireball skill for both characters so you can unlock Flame Strike
  • Behavior is set to Vigorous
  • Assign to the highest virility character a Virility Potion, and a Fertility Potion to the other character
  • Milk Tits for ~150 gold.

Go to Home and Sleep once.[ | ]

You should be at <10 exhaustion. If needed take a nap or sleep again.

Go to the Brothel and Perform Show[ | ]

Try to choose options based on the preferences/requests of your audience. If you ever have <2 people use attract. You should end up with ~150 gold, once you begin ranking up this increases significantly and becomes one of the fastest ways to make money early on.

Go to the Arena[ | ]

Watch Battles until you hit 20 relation with Aila. (This will enable us to train our characters later on)

Go to the Training Room (Neighboring to Arena on the left side of your screen)

Train until you hit max exhaustion.

Go home and sleep twice, you are now done with Day 0.

Day 1[ | ]

Go to the farm[ | ]

  • Select one of your lava girls.
  • Click the pink heart over their avatar.
  • Click the speed up button. This should produce an egg for you. If you don't get an egg, you will need to hold off on the hatching until the next day. Don't worry, you will still be just fine.
  • Select the `Slow` speed and add 1 point each to magic and mana. (You should have 60% growth, and 105% stability.)
  • Start the incubation to instantly hatch the egg.
  • We are now going to fuse this new character with one of our starters.
    • Make sure all the good traits are selected, and as many of the "bad" traits as you can.
    • Focus the FlameStrike skill
    • Focus the Mana and Magic stats. (You should have 2 crystals from the hatching)

Transform the Main Character (Same settings as Day 0)[ | ]

Copy Arcane from one of your lava girls (If Arcane is not available, Intelligence is also good)

Go to the Arena and complete any battles that the main character can fight in[ | ]

Be sure to take any rewards as you unlock them. This step is optional if you prefer to avoid the risk of losing a character, but it does help with the early breeding.

If you have the Quick Hatching trait on one but not both characters:[ | ]

  • Transform to a small human (2 exhaustion)
  • Copy the Quick Hatching Trait
  • Adapt it onto the other character

This is also worth doing for Stud, Busty, or any of the other "good" traits

Add both characters to the farm[ | ]

  • Focus the FlameStrike skill
  • Focus the 2 Mana and 2 Magic
  • Focus traits, similarly to the first day.
  • Milk any tits worth at least 100 gold

Sleep until you hit <10 exhaustion[ | ]


If you need additional exhaustion recovery and don't have time for another Sleep or Nap, you can go to the Tavern and drink milk. (Costs 50 gold and 10 minutes)

Perform in the Brothel[ | ]

You should be rank Known after this

Sleep once[ | ]

You should now be at Day 2, if not sleep once.[ | ]

Go to the Farm and Speed up your breeding just like day 1.

Hatch the egg. You are going to want to add 1 point each to Health, Strength and Lust (Check to make sure you are 60% growth, 95% stability)

Fuse with the other starter character you have remaining. Focus Fertility and Virility, as many traits as you can, and flame strike. If you have an even number of traits, adapt the character with a random trait so you can choose 1 extra. (You can only adapt a character once)

Do any arenas, and then add to the farm, you know the drill.[ | ]

Make sure you are back in Lava Girl form before you do the arena