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In Combat, teams can have multiple units sharing gene types. These can grant bonuses of up to four or five per Base Species depending on the number of shared genes. Genes are only counted from distinct unit types, but different units with the same gene combinations will count. Base Species with two of the same type will contribute two genes.

For example, two Sirens will only contribute one Mermaid and one Lymean genes to your team, but having a Siren and an Angler Fish with Mermaid/Lymean genes will each contribute, giving you two Mermaid and two Lymean genes. You can get the same with a Mermaid and a Lymean.

These are only used with Base Species genes. Impure Species and Spirit Species genes do not have team bonuses associated with them. However the Synergist perk can allow you to alter a Spirit Species with a single Base Species gene so that they can contribute.

Once the team bonus is in play, it will remain even when the contributing units are taken out. Like most mechanics in the game, the enemy will also benefit from their own team bonuses. To see these bonuses during Combat, hover over top middle "Player" or "Enemy" accordingly. To see it in Town or while exploring Portals, see the bottom, below "Battleranks".

Centaur[ | ]

  • 2: When a male/futa centaur (with energy) fucks an ally, grant target haste for 3 turns.
  • 3: Allies start with strength charges equal to empty skill slots.
  • 4: When charging without hitting an enemy, 50% chance to regain 1 ap.
  • 5: Dropping a weapon grants strengthbuff and focus for a turn.

PlantGirl[ | ]

  • 2: +5 food after a won battle.
  • 3: Absorbing water also affects other plantgirls and floral units on grass for half the effect.
  • 4: When a plantgirl/floral unit is defeated, use their magic to shield all other floral units.
  • 5: +5 wood after a won battle.

Mermaid[ | ]

  • 2: Poison/Burn duration on allies decreases twice as fast.
  • 3: Dive grants 2 magic/strength charges.
  • 4: Mermaids' skill cooldowns reduce by 2/turn.
  • 5: At the start of each turn, shield all allies by 1 for each mermaid on water.

LavaGirl[ | ]

  • 2: Allies gain 2 magic charges whenever they lose hp to fire damage.
  • 3: When an ally has 5+ magic charges, gain +2 strength charges each turn.
  • 4: At the end of your turn, deal 1 fire dmg to ALL characters.
  • 5: Explosion only damages the user by half their max hp.

Lymean[ | ]

  • 2: MagicShield also grants +1 str/magic charge to target.
  • 3: Stamina costs of initiating battles halved.
  • 4: +1 crystal after a won battle.
  • 5: Enemies with 0 mana take double dmg from all sources.

Succubus[ | ]

  • 1: When seducing an enemy, increase LDmg by 1 for each allied succubus.
  • 2: When a succubus (with energy) fucks an enemy, deal 2*LDmg to other enemies.
  • 3: Allies can still move/seduce even at 100% lust.
  • 4: Enemies at 50%+ lust take double dmg. (instead of +50%)
  • 5: When attacking a creature, use LDmg instead of strength (if it's higher).
  • Note: 5 Succubus bonus applies when attacking non-humanoid units.

Harpy[ | ]

  • 2: At the start of each turn, unengaged allies gain a str charge for each adjacent enemy.
  • 3: After flying to land near an enemy, gain mg shield.
  • 4: Allies start with haste for a turn.
  • 5: Allies are immune to slow.

LizardGirl[ | ]

  • 2: Poison on allies has a 50% chance to not deal dmg.
  • 3: Using Toxin on an ally grants 3 magic/strength charges.
  • 4: Regenerate also grants 2 strength charges.
  • 5: +1 duration for positive status effects. -1 for negative (min 1). (Reversed effect on enemies)

InsectGirl[ | ]

  • 2: +1 energy drained when servicing enemies. +25% service success chance.
  • 3: With exactly 1 insect queen, start battles with a genetic copy as a drone.
  • 4: Servicing an enemy without energy exhausts them for the remaining battle.
  • 5: Insect girls start battle with magic charges equal to half their energy. (max 10)

BeastGirl[ | ]

  • 2: 50% chance to regain 1 stamina when spending it on a skill.
  • 3: Allies start with +2 strength charges.
  • 4: Jump also grants strength buff for a turn.
  • 5: If an ally has 5+ strength charges, they never count as engaged in battle.

Shadow[ | ]

  • 1: Start with 2 random shadow tiles on the map.
  • 2: +20% global dark damage.
  • 3: At the start of each turn: if 15+ tiles are shadow, curse all enemies.
  • 4: Consume random unoccupied shadow tiles to negate hp damage of allies. (after damage reduction)
  • 5: Enemies start cursed for a turn. Cursed enemies take 25% more damage.

Tanid[ | ]

  • 2: Level 1 characters start battle with +2ap and 5 str/magic charges.
  • 3: Start with a slimebulb on the field.
  • 4: A random enemy starts infected for 10 turns.
  • 5: Sex-recruited characters gain the Slime trait.