Wiki goals

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Current Goals[ | ]

QoL Improvements
Make continuous improvements to the functionality of the wiki
Version tracking on pages
Set up article version tracking
Update old articles
Fill up the species & npc articles with the latest stats and information
Add Content
Fill up notable game information that is not easy to get/see

Completed Goals[ | ]

Wiki Migration
Transfer content and fix any broken styles

Task List[ | ]

Content Creation[ | ]

  • Create guides
    • Per MC
    • Achievement hunter
    • Other
  • Create Sex Page and fill it with the sex minigame and sex training mechanics. Should clearly describe which part of the interface does what, and how to push skillcaps.
  • Create Combat Page and fill it with basic combat mechanics, could rely on in-game tooltips at the start. (through probably explained differently, since a lot of people have problem understanding it)
  • Create pages for each possible portal tile with possible actions, possible spawns and possible events.
  • Create each of the MC pages (Evolution, Creation, Prince), specify special characteristics and brief description of usual playstyle.
  • Add more Tips and Tricks.
  • Hotkeys

Content Filling[ | ]

Value filling[ | ]

Content Moderation[ | ]

  • Update all links to Passives (Links to passives should look as follows: [[Passives#Name (Passive)|Name]])
  • Update Portals, add {{verbox}}, re-check Portal Modifiers, fill up brief description of event portals, add Sylvie's learn/train action.
  • Update Dating, add {{verbox}}, make an organizational pass, add each NPC's lewdity progression and specify if it changes by playing a different MC using {{spoiler}}
  • Make a pass over Town, add {{verbox}}, revalidate possible actions, add missing locations, images changes.
  • Update Items, add new icons for the new items, check if any icons are glaringly incorrect with the new version
  • Update Town NPCs, move some information to each NPC's page, update stats of each NPC and add {{verbox}}.
  • Create tables for the extra Cheating value lists and hide them under {{Show_more}}.
  • Update Home Buildings.
  • Tie Skill Combinations to some appropriate page, since it is not possible to find it other than direct search as far as i know.