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Within the world of Portals of Phereon, portals connect the world of the player to other dimensions. New portals open every day, and within these other dimensions, a variety of strange and wonderous new humanoid species can be found. These species all possess the characteristics of animals or mythological beings, and can all be crossbred to form creatures with novel combinations of traits and abilities.

There are two obvious categories of species in Portals of Phereon. Base species and hybrid species. The base species are more common and can be bred with other base species, to form every hybrid species in the game.

There are some examples of even rarer species, that can only be bred with certain combinations of hybrid species, or found and recruited in the portals.

Base species[ | ]

Base species are like the basic building blocks for breeding. Any breedable species can be described by a combination of base species. Also, they each have a skill tree themed around their traits, which can be advanced with the use of any hybrid species derived from them.

Hybrid species[ | ]

For every possible combination of base species, there exists a hybrid species with stats and abilities unique to that species. Combinations of base species can produce characteristics and abilities that were not present in either parent.

Special species[ | ]

Secret hybrids created with specific species as parents, always including at least one first-tier hybrid species.

Impure species[ | ]

In some biomes you might encounter entirely unique species that you can not get through breeding base species.