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Disclaimer: This is meant to act as a general guide on how to contribute to the wiki, following it is in no way shape or form a requirement and is merely here to help, not dictate.

Welcome to the Portals of Phereon wiki, if you're on this page you likely wish to Contribute to the wiki. This page will outline how and where you should start.

Before editing, you might want to read our guidelines. But more importantly, just start contributing! Edits can be undone, mistakes corrected, so all is well as long as you have good intentions. If you need any additional help, then feel free to contact one of our admins.

You can use the Task List in the Table of Contents below as reference.

Target[ | ]

First things first, you should figure out how you wish to contribute, this can generally be broken down into 4 of types:

  • Writing a Guide/Explanation on a core mechanic of the game, such as each of the Main Character's Playstyle, general Tips and Tricks or Lore, i.e. Content Creation.
  • Adding groups of content from the game, such as Skills or Traits, i.e. Value Filling.
  • Editing previously created pages in order to keep them up to date, i.e. Content Filling.
  • Editing previously created pages in order to correct mistakes and/or make them more presentable and visually appealing, i.e. Content Moderation.

Suggestions:[ | ]

Here are 2 useful links: If you want to create a page Wanted pages (Pages which are being linked to from other pages and need to be created) and if you want to link to a page Orphaned pages (Pages which exist but aren't linked to from anywhere)

Approach[ | ]

Next, you should figure out how to approach the page you are working on, though each type of contribution has different types of problems and things to consider, there is a general method you should keep in mind:

  • Use the Game as a Reference guide, this means that if you are changing or adding something and aren't fully sure about it, you could open up the game and check, this is especially useful if you are editing existing pages, since existing pages tend to not get checked as often by people who haven't created them. Besides this, you can also ask around in the Game's Discord Server (Including but not limited to the #Wiki-Stuff channel) or even the internal game files if you know what you are doing.
  • Design the page to feel readable and visually appealing, although this isn't as much relevant to Content Filling it should not be disregarded when working on the wiki. This includes things like using general terms that people would understand and explaining terms from the game if they seem too complicated/convoluted to understand to someone who might be new to the game, and just using common sense and keeping an open mind as to who will look at your content and how (User Experience).

If you want further explanation about how to approach your contribution please read Policies and Guidelines.

It's strongly encouraged to make an account if you contribute more than occasionally. Not only is it convenient for anyone trying to communicate with you, it gives you a way to improve your Miraheze experience.

Task List[ | ]

Content Creation[ | ]

  • Create guides
    • Per MC
    • Achievement hunter
    • Other
  • Create Sex Page and fill it with the sex minigame and sex training mechanics. Should clearly describe which part of the interface does what, and how to push skillcaps.
  • Create Combat Page and fill it with basic combat mechanics, could rely on in-game tooltips at the start. (through probably explained differently, since a lot of people have problem understanding it)
  • Create pages for each possible portal tile with possible actions, possible spawns and possible events.
  • Create each of the MC pages (Evolution, Creation, Prince), specify special characteristics and brief description of usual playstyle.
  • Add more Tips and Tricks.
  • Hotkeys

Content Filling[ | ]

Value filling[ | ]

Content Moderation[ | ]

  • Update all links to Passives (Links to passives should look as follows: [[Passives#Name (Passive)|Name]])
  • Update Portals, add {{verbox}}, re-check Portal Modifiers, fill up brief description of event portals, add Sylvie's learn/train action.
  • Update Dating, add {{verbox}}, make an organizational pass, add each NPC's lewdity progression and specify if it changes by playing a different MC using {{spoiler}}
  • Make a pass over Town, add {{verbox}}, revalidate possible actions, add missing locations, images changes.
  • Update Items, add new icons for the new items, check if any icons are glaringly incorrect with the new version
  • Update Town NPCs, move some information to each NPC's page, update stats of each NPC and add {{verbox}}.
  • Create tables for the extra Cheating value lists and hide them under {{Show_more}}.
  • Update Home Buildings.
  • Tie Skill Combinations to some appropriate page, since it is not possible to find it other than direct search as far as i know.

Links[ | ]

Internal[ | ]

External[ | ]

  • CSS Reference - A great website to keep open if you happen to be working with CSS
  • HTML Reference - Good for looking up tags you find, but don't know the purpose of

Templates[ | ]

Hatnotes[ | ]

  • {{Main}} - Linking to main article
  • {{For}} - Linking to further reading
  • {{See also}} - Linking to related pages
  • {{Further}} - Linking to further reading

Notices[ | ]

Navboxes[ | ]

Infoboxes[ | ]

Misc[ | ]

  • {{Progression}} - Creates a progress bar
  • {{InfoboxParser}} - When creating an infobox, this can be used to better format a field
  • {{PassiveIcon}} - Same as the above, but purpose built for "onTrigger" passives
  • {{Resource}} - To show game resource icons