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This guide is for people that have some idea how to play the game. While there are too many things to cover in a single guide, I will try to provide comments whenever I can. However, I did make it as accessible as possible in order to make most things easy to get.

This guide is mainly meant for Creation and Evolution. Druid is pretty bad with this specific approach unless you're focusing on spirits, but thats material for a different guide.

That being said, this guide can be twisted for general use with anyone you decide to play.

There is a section with particular notes on each of them.

Game Start[ | ]

Starting Spirit Element[ | ]

The best is by far ice but 3 that stand out are ice, grass and light.

  1. Ice gets Frost Nymphs that produce crystal fragments in farm as well as Crystal Girls to produce crystals.
  2. Grass gets Grass Nymphs that produce plant matter, aphrodisiac and most importantly fairy dust.
  3. Lights' associated trait gives increased xp gains for the unit that has it AND the rest of the party (doesn't stack). This can help with early leveling if you feel you need it.

NOTE: Rock element is also a good option, as Rock Spirits have the lowest summon cost, and they get a trait that basically gives free armor and access to Crystal Girls.

Fusion vs Breeding[ | ]

Increased cost of fusing and decreased amount of saved traits can be painful at all points of the game. On the other hand being limited to adding only +1 to egg genes and lowered chances of inheriting traits on eggs is rough. Both options can work, and their effectiveness depends on the character you choose to play as.

Overall the middle ground is always good and doesn't cripple you at any point whether it be luck or bottlenecks you might face.

TLDR: Just stay in the middle and pick "Both".

Difficulty[ | ]

Get as close as you can to 100% without going below it. I recommend getting as many points as you can manage for your main character and starters. Everything in here comes down to personal preference and what you think you can handle and are willing to deal with. Just don't make the game impossible for yourself here.

Profession/Traits[ | ]

Don't bother with the gene scores of your main character - it's not worth it.

The Farmer profession is the best option for this strategy. Nothing can compete with those breeding bonuses.

Traits are a little trickier to choose, as how many and which ones you have unlocked matters.

  1. Hatcher is by far the most important since it's part of what opens up the ability to 1 day hatch or instantly hatch eggs.
  2. Breeder is useful if you're playing as Evolution since she can put it on everyone.
  3. Lucky and Perceptive are just generally always useful.
  4. Famous and Partner make recruiting Town NPCs way faster. They will be very helpful, there is a section for them.
  5. Endurance also goes a long ways early on.
  6. Familiar makes your hatched units even stronger AND MORE IMPORTANTLY it decreases upkeep for them.
  7. After those just grab as many positive traits as possible that your starters will NOT have since you can just steal theirs.

More information about Professions/Traits

Starters[ | ]

You want your 2 starting essences to be insect and harpy. If it feels like im going overboard with growth% and stability% you'll see why soon.

  • For the first one, make it an Angel (Lymean/Harpy). Max out its level gene and then mana/magic. Make it a futa. This is paramount to getting going early as possible since futa farms are basically double production. Pick up every bad trait for more points. And then grab all the traits you can that are left and that you want. If there's a couple leftover points put them into fertility and virility.
  • The second unit should be a Shadow Insect (Shadow/Insect). Do the exact same thing on this unit but instead of mana/magic, make this one hp/str. Also make sure to put up DIFFERENT good traits on this unit then from the Angel.

If you are playing as Evolution you can just take their traits and pass them out, while as Creation you can take them and make units with these traits and then fuse and breed them.

NOTE: The Stud trait is bonkers for breeding like this so make sure to take it if you have it.

Run Start[ | ]

A lot of this will be general since the speed that you can do this depends a bit on how far into the game you are and what traits you started with.

The NPCs[ | ]

To start off the run, you have a few options.

  • If you started with the Partner trait, go and recruit a Town NPC. Save the game and take them on a date. Go straight to the forest and just relax until you get the alchemist event. When you get it, there's a high chance you'll get the futa event where your partner is turned into a futa. If you get it, spend the rest of the date getting their lewdness up.

NOTE: If you didn't get the event, load the game and try again. Repeat until you hopefully get it. It's fairly common.

  • Steal all the good traits from your units. Breeder and Stud are optimal for the whole process if you have them.
  • You ideally can summon 2 spirits (ice is my preference) and end up with 2 futa spirits. Somehow get 12 crystals and then fuse your starters with spirits and keep their 2 main stats and level. You can get crystal girls early by having Aila train your spirits to quickly turn them into crystal girls and then summon some more. If you can't do that, you should start getting ready to go into the quest portal and try to recruit some starter units for yourself before the first day ends. I'd also do the Arena if you have some spare time. But I recommend doing it AFTER you've recruited some more units since we're going to ditch our starters soon. When you're out recruiting, try to get as many futa units as you can; it will speed everything up. Once that's taken care of and you've either finished or mapped a fair bit of the quest portal, toss your starters into the Farm and start breeding units between them. Also, toss any futa pairs you have into the Farm. We just want all the futa eggs we can get at the moment. If you got a partner (Town NPC), toss them in there with someone. Ideally, you can date and recruit the NPCs as talked about above just to get more farming going. Most of them have unique traits or some sort of good stats this early. Don't forget that Evo can turn into a race and also breed.

NOTE: An interesting early unit to stock up on a bit would be the Angler Fish. If you make or turn into a Lymean and breed with Lumira you'll have plenty. They have the highest beauty stat amoung units in the game and you can steal Royal from Castalia to make them brothel powerhouses.

  • The rest is in general game stuff. Focus on farming up eggs and making pairs. Once they start making eggs you can start looking to power breed 2 stats. As I set up the starters earlier, Level and Hp/Str or Mana/Magic. Should be their good stats. If somehow you didn't get eggs with those genes, because there is a chance of that this early. Force the issue and split the eggs in half. Take the worse half of them and force the stat increases for the other stats you needed. Once they get going you'll always get eggs that favor the stats you're looking for. Once the stats are about 9-10, fuse few units so that they have 9-10 in all 4 stats and then just breed those units until they're at max level 20.

NOTE: At any point you can start breeding for the remaining stats if you have the room.

Setting up the Farm[ | ]

  1. Make sure you have the needed rooms for the eggs. Generally that's 3 crystal, 1 water, and 1 lava.
  2. Take the Stability and Growth increase upgrades.
  3. We started with a Lymean so we could get their semen early on for the Delayed upgrade. Delayed IS SUPER GOOD and also the reason we went so far with growth rates. This let's your hatched units be ready to fight immediately. Additionally 10 levels of virility and fertility go a long ways to speed up the breeding.
  4. Last upgrade can be whatever really suits you but the Boosting upgrade is cheap and effective for speeding up growths.

Honorable mention: for the Potential upgrade. If you get really good units bred that you don't need to fuse, this is the upgrade to prioritize.

As you level up egg genes, use any spare points on virility and fertility. It makes the setup mentioned above go insanely fast. Make sure to assign a Hatcher to the room you're using. Better magic stat makes a better hatcher. If they have the Incubating trait, it doubles that, and matching elements get a bonus. You can get the trait from the Eagle Girl unique unit that will pop up and offer to work for you. Also, set eggs to "Slow" for bonus stability. Make sure that you're getting your +2 to level and main 2 stats. Anything leftover goes into the breeding stats. Another thing to note is that you should regularly add Breeder and Stud to units you're breeding if they don't have them. Stud is more important if you have to choose. You should upgrade Alchemy at Home when possible, so that you have breeding potions available to you, as they can provide a huge boost to breeding.


  1. Delayed is great for unlocking new units to start with if you want or need them. Also, we started with a Shadow unit because both Creation and Evolution need a lot of shadow points. This method let's you do next to nothing if you don't want to for a while with most setups.
  2. You should try to mix up the breeding pool of hybrids as much as possible, but try not to sacrifice the best breeding pairs. This is so you have good fusing fodder when it matters and also good ritual stats. You can always fuse later to get the things you need or want.
  3. Angler Fish has the highest Beauty in the game, with Glow Fish not far behind. They make great brothel units when you have spare units.

Notes[ | ]

Evolution[ | ]

Evo has it nice. Not only is she basically a power unit herself, but her ability to adapt traits is insane for this. You can be overloaded with traits by fusing and adapting and then fusing and adapting. She can also adapt a fair number of skills, which allows you to fuse skills together while you're working on the traits. Make sure to abuse Breeder and Stud trait.

Creation[ | ]

Creation is interesting in this process. You can create the exact units you need to combine with others to get whatever outcome you need, and she also allows you to put specific skills and traits on those units. The trait part is more roundabout compared to Evolution, but it's still useful. However, she shines with skills. She has far better control over the skills of units. For example, you can make a bunch of Lymeans with Spark and add traits to all of them, then fuse them together to get Lightning Storm and a bunch of traits. Once you've done that, you can combine that Lymean with a Siren to get an Angler Fish with a super powerful spell. Alternatively, you can make two units with Meteor Storm for Worlds End. Overall, Evo is a stronger standalone unit, but Creation lets you go wild with abilities on your units. You can also make use of Stud and Breeder, but you would have to fuse the newly made unit into another, which means you would lose the levels you got from Delayed if you're using it.