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Throughout the game you'll encounter several events that give you a variety of choices.

List of Events their choices and outcome.

Town Events[ | ]

Tavern Feast (Repeatable Event, Tavern): When visiting the tavern while Mya is there, she will invite you to partake in a feast that an explorer party prepaid for but never came back from their expedition.

Choice Result
Okay Takes 1 Hour of time and increases the morale of all characters by 20.
No Time Leave.

Tavern Maid by the River (Repeatable Event, River): You find one of the tavern maids trying to clean herself in the river. A mermaid keeps her from it, trying to play with her. She requests your assistance.

Choice Result
Offer Distraction 10 minutes pass and you indulge in the mermaid.
Help (Tavern) 30 minutes pass and +25 Tavern Reputation
Leave No Effect

Random Character Requests to Join (Repeatable, No Location): A random character of a base species will be generated and request to join.

Choice Result
Let Her Join Gain new Character
Refuse No Effect

Lumira gets a rare item for the shop (Repeatable, Shop): Lumira will tell you that one of her pets has found a rare item and she's putting it one sale for you to buy.

Sylvie is riding Castilia through a portal (Repeatable, Slyvie's Room):

Choice Result
Leave No Effect
Help 30 minutes pass and +25 gold.

Sylvie is taking care of some tentacles (Repeatable, Sylvie's Room):

Choice Result
Destroy Tentacles Sylvie gets mad at you for destroying her toys.
Leave No Effect
Watch No Effect

Pyrea Introduction Event Chain (Unique, Portal, Day <25): A lavagirl appears naked and disoriented by the portal return point.

Choice Result
Approach/Help Her Leads to Follow Up Events
Ignore No Effect

You decide how to help the girl.

Choice Result
Share Your Clothes Leads to Follow Up Event
Give Money Lose 100 coin

She requests that you accompany her back home.

Choice Result
Accompany her Home 30 minutes and follow up event
Leave No Effect

Pyrea asks for you to tell her all you know about portals.

Choice Result
Stay 2 Hours pass and Follow Up Event
Leave No Effect

Pyrea tries to thank you for your time.

Choice Result
Take Money Get Money
Refuse Money Follow Up Event

Refusing money leads to Pyrea to undress and offer you something else, as you've already seen her naked.

Choice Result
Leave No Effect
Undress as Well Sex and Gallery Unlock
Ask for a Blowjob Blowjob and Gallery Unlock

If the player shares clothes, follows her home, stays, and engages in sex with Pyrea, follow up events will be available that involve a setup. After doing a few of these, she'll join your team.

Forest Stalker Introduction (Unique, Forest): Upon first visiting the forest, you hear a strange noise and find a forest stalker trying to get herself off. Upon realizing your presence, she offers to help you grow certain flora (crafting materials) in return for assistance.

Devy Introduction Event (Unique, Tavern, Day 5+, MC is not Creation): A horned girl approaches you at the tavern and asks if you can show her around town.

Choice Result
Sure Friendship Bracelet Accessory (+1 HP, +1 mana, +1lres, skill: FriendHeal - Heals a target by 10. More effective if they also are wearing one of these bracelets.) and leads to follow up events with her.
No Ends Event

Morta Joins Event (Unique, Tavern, 12:00am-7:00am): After having taken the option to drink blood with her in the tavern twice, Morta offers to join you.

Pryla Introduction (Lake): Upon visiting the lake, a human walks towards you and starts undressing. As a human, she likely can't handle the pheremones of the lake.

Choice Result
Calm/Help Follow Up Event
Encourage Sex
Leave No Effect

If calming her down, she'll profess that she's trying to build up her resistance to the effects of the lake.

Choice Result
Help/Train Blowjob, Gallery, and ability to recruit
Reject No Effect

Mermaid's Friend (Lake, Presumably have traveled to at least one portal): You find a mermaid by the river. She mentions that she's seen you and your team enter and return from many portal expeditions and she asks if you'd talk with her friend, who is unable to really do those things herself.

Choice Result
Agree Allows Recruitment of Liza, a unique lightlizard.
Decline No Effect

Forest Painter (Forest): You find an unusual hybrid in the woods. She's surprised that you managed to approach her, as she can usually mentally prevent others from approaching her. She asks if something is special about you.

Choice Result
Truth You tell the girl the situation, and she becomes nervous and flees. When giving chase, you find some portal fragments as she escapes.
Lie +2 lres

Forest Giant (Forest): A large demon is fucking a cowgirl, and a few more are waiting their turn.

Choice Result
Leave No Effect
Fuck the Giant (Druid Only) Sex
Wait your Turn (Creation and Evolution Only) Sex and get an Egg
Fuck the Cowgirls (Druid and Evolution Only) Sex

Portal Events[ | ]

Giant vs Demon Harpies (Unique Event, Plains, Day 15+):

Choice Result
Leave The Demon Harpies are disintegrated, after which you can choose to just go, or spend 30 minutes searching for the BloodSword (10 uses, each of which permanently increases the user's Strength).
Protect giant Fight 5 Demon Harpies. Get the BloodSword (8 uses, each of which permanently increases the user's Strength), and 3 randomly generated rare items. Phy, a Unique Seraph that can raise her Max Level by Dating, joins.
Fight giant Beating the giant is a great challenge, as she is one of the strongest units in the game. She is a Unique Seraph of Enormous size with the Giant trait. All her Stats are high, with over 100 Strength, several hundred Health, and even high Lust Resistance, Speed and Armor. She also has several passive that make her troublesome to fight. Retreat onTurnEnd could keep her out of your range, particularly in portals with Wide modifiers; StrongManaDrain onAttack takes your Mana away; Decay onAttack permanently reduces your Strength; and MagicStrike onAttack gives her extra damage. You get 5 Demon Harpies to help, but they're not very useful as they have NOTHING special about them. The reward is worth the challenge however. Besides the BloodSword (9 uses, each of which permanently increases the user's Strength), you also get 8 uses worth of LightShards that gives +1 to Max Level and 1000 exp as well as full Health and Mana each. The LightShards are significant, as they work on the Main Character. They are extremely rare and cannot be crafted, so this is a great opportunity to get some.

Vigor Potion (Plains): You find some special herbs growing in the world. You take some samples with you. Alchemists in town might be able to brew something new.

Choice Result
You find some herbs Unlock Vigor Potion for farms

You see a red pulsing light in the distance (Plains): As you go closer you notice an intricate metal figure in the shape of a woman, leaning against a tree, overgrown and almost blending into the environment. The light, emitting from a mark in it's forehead, seems to flash faster as you move further towards it, eventually becoming a continuous light. You feel your energy slowly fading at the same time you feel rustling noises coming from within the figure. the arms and legs shake a bit and stop again. Whatever it is, it ... she shows signs of life. Her skin feels too hot to be ordinary metal, it feels almost like body temperature. talking to her leads to no response and your magic energy is completely drained by now.

Choice Result
Touch the mark Choice to add AN_3 to your team
Salvage Materials Acquire a Blaster
Ignore ??

A succubus with a weird mount lands near you:

Choice Result
Leave Event ends
Fight Fight several creatures, including Mana Worms, Death Flies, and Misquitos, which each permanently damage stats when attacking.
money Money
eggs Misquito Egg, Mana Worm Egg
sex Gallery scene, SexExp, 20 minutes, money

A plant girl approaches you:

Choice Result
don't buy nothing
buy for crystals Mana/ Health herb for 5 Crystals.
(Human/m) other payment scene, get Mana/ Health herb.

A Mosquito Girl approaches you

Choice Result
Okay class="wikitable"
Choice Result
Quick MC loses 25% hp and morale, event ends
Easy ???

|- | Nope || Event ends |}

You find some broken machinery that resembles a teleportation device

Choice Result
ignore nothing
strip for crystals 10minutes passed, gain some crystal(1+)
fix (5 crystals) Build a Relay, lose 5 Crystals.
fix (Scientist) Build a Relay

You found some treasure:
no choices, gain money (600?), ...?

You see a large group of traders transporting crystals:

Choice Result
buy crystals(200g) get 5 crystals, lose 200g, repeatable
ScoutInfo(50g) reveal environment (8 spaces), doesn't end the event
Leave end the event

A hurt male/female (species) approaches you:

Choice Result
Help her fight/escape recruit them, get into a fight with ambush rules (AP reduced to 1 at start) with them participating if party is not full.
Leave her nothing

You notice a siren lying in a pond:

Choice Result
Mana replenish mana for whole group (50%), 30 minutes passed
Health replenish health for whole group (50%), 30 minutes passed
Stamina replenish stamina for whole group (20), 30 minutes passed
no time for this nothing

Nothing here:
-a dud

A native male/female (species) approaches you and wants to be part of your team:

Choice Result
Sure recruit them
No nothing

You see a large magical deer in the distance. It looks very strong, yet surprisingly peaceful:

Choice Result
Ignore nothing.
Attack Fight a number of Magic Deer and other units. Get ManaHerbs if won.
Tame (Tamer) Get a Magic Deer. (seems like always a Lvl.5/10)
Offer Food (2 Food) Chance to obtain a Magic Deer, its level scales with your progress.

You find a seemingly unprotected Egg:

Choice Result
Take Random egg. Chance to fight a group of Dragon Welps and Grown Dragons.
Ignore nothing

You find some Fruit Trees, you could spend some time harvesting them:

Choice Result
Harvest(20 min.) Get 10-20 Food.
Ignore nothing

It's an Ambush:

Choice Result
Fight Fight a battle with Ambush rules (AP reduced to 1 at start).
Escape Chance to escape unharmed, or with losing HP

Your party sees a swarm of glowing butterfly and everyone feels better:
+10 Morale to Party

Unfamiliar with the surrounding, your party becomes trapped in some roots, draining their mana until they break free:

Choice Result
Harvest(10 min.) Get Drainroot Material.
Ignore nothing

Plant People Trying to Heal a Person (Forest Tile):

Choice Result
Help Drains nearly all health, gain Celia the healer.
Ignore No Effect

Found Treasure: Gain Treasure

Rare Plant (Forest): Gain ability to build a plantfarm back home.

You See a swarm of Rare Glowing Butterflies (Forest): +10 morale to the party

You find a useful root and take it with you (Forest): Learn the Proliferate skill on the MC.

Old Battlefield (Plains): You come across some sort of old battlefield. Most of the good stuff has probably been looted already, but you may get lucky finding something. It could also be a trap.

Choice Result
Ignore No Effect
Loot Begin Combat Ambushed

Surprised Fairy: You come across a surprised fairy currently tangled up with a flower. "...can you help? The mana density of this world has decreased too much recently. This type of flower can't absorb enough from the air. I'll reward everyone that can deposit some mana inside some.

Choice Result
Help Male/Futa party members lose 1 energy, +10 stamina
End No Effect

Succubus Hunter (Forest): You hear a woman grunting annoyed, as a leashed wolf rushes past you, almost knocking you over. The woman appears to be a succubus hunter with many animals (wolves, mules, and birds) somehow attached to her armor via leashes, all pulling in different directions. She clearly can't handle this situation by herself. After helping her (20 minutes), offers to let you have one of the animals, as so many are a bit much for her. After encountering this event 3 times before, she'll offer to join you and you'll gain Seliel.

Choice Result
Wolf Gain a lvl 1 Wolf Pet
Mule Gain a lvl 1 Mule Pet
Bird Gain a lvl 1 Bird Pet
Pheroly (After the 1st time) Gain a lvl 1 Pheroly
None No Effect

Traveling Nomads: You find some traveling nomads. They greet you and offer you some food and rest as they set up a camp.

Choice Result
Leave No Effect
Rest 30 minute rest and receive food

Unprotected Egg(Mountain):

Choice Result
Take You tell the girl the situation, and she becomes nervous and flees. When giving chase, you find some portal fragments as she escapes.
Leave No Effect

Cella Recruitment Event(Forest): You see a cowgirl carelessly collecting some weird worms. A huge version of one of those worms is about to attack. You can step in and fight or try to leave.

Choice Result
Fight Fight Giant Manaworm, Option to Recruit Cella after the Fight
Flee/Leave Her No Effect

Dark Cave (Mountain): You find a dark cave. You may encounter dangerous creatures with no easy way out.

Choice Result
Ignore No Effect
Explore (20 minutes) Find a stash of valuable items, mushrooms (food), crystals, combat, or nothing.

Santa: A female beasttaur carrying a big sack on her back approaches you. "Hey, I'm Rena. I found a bunch of stuff in an abandoned village that I don't need. So I try to distribute it among people I see." She reaches into her sack, pulls out a a neatly wrapped package and holds it in your direction. "It'll be random what everyone gets, otherwise all the good stuff would be gone first."

Plot Events[ | ]

You stand before a big mana pool. There are various instructions on what you could do with it in emergencies:

Choice Result
Absorb Gain Trait: Empowered - 25% increased str/magic/mana/hp

Creation: +5 to all skillpoints

Create Life Recruit an EnergyGirl
Create Artifact Gain an Energysphere, a misc item with +2 srt/mag/ldmg +4Lres, 20 uses give ally 10 mana, remove enemy 10 mana