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Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Using shadow species generally necessitates that you dedicate your entire party towards using shadows. Despite its unimpressive growths and particularly abysmal health, the Ghost Taur is capable of fulfilling multiple roles in a shadow-based party.

Their signature ability ShadowSpear deals combined Strength and Magic shadow damage to all targets in a straight line for 6 tiles, and spreads shadow to those tiles if the user is already standing on a shadow tile. Because the skill costs 2ap, it's best paired with LifeTap, ShadowBond, and/or ShadowStep to maximize the unit's mobility, as all three skills cost 0 ap and help the Ghost Taur position itself. LifeTap, which Ghost Taurs naturally have access to, lets the user create a shadow tile underneath them in exchange for a small amount of HP. ShadowBond allows the user to swap places with another "shadow" ally, if they are both on shadow tiles, and ShadowStep lets the user teleport from one shadow tile to another. Note that ShadowSpear has a 3-turn cooldown.

Additionally, the Ghost Taur's low health & high speed makes it well-fitted as a shadow-spreading skirmisher. By having an ally spread shadow to it, or by using LifeTap, the Ghost Taur can use its 2nd fixed skill ShadowTrail to spread shadow onto every tile it touches. Because of its movement type, the Ghost Taur can easily charge into enemies, spreading shadow and debuffing enemies with curse, then retreat with ShadowStep or perfectly position an ally to continue the onslaught or tank attacks with ShadowBond. Notably, Ghost Taurs are the only shadow-type hybrid that have "piercing" attacks.

Unlike many of its Centaur brethren, the Ghost Taur does NOT have the BadAnatomy trait, but does have poor lust resistance.

Overworld[ | ]

They naturally have the LandMount trait, meaning they can drastically cut down your movement time on land in portals if they are at least one size larger than anybody else in your party. Additionally, the Floating trait will upgrade their LandMount trait to AirMount, giving the player the ability to fly over most tiles, even deep water and lava.

None of their skills give them special abilities in portals.

Breeding[ | ]

They tie with Shadow Beasts for highest virility among shadow species, but have higher beauty.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Ghost Taurs have 6 semen capacity, which is precisely one better than all other shadow species, which technically makes them the best option for farming dark semen, a somewhat useful crafting ingredient. Like most shadow species, they can be farmed for dark matter and have a meager 4 milk capacity.

Notes[ | ]

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