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The Plant Girls are a supporter species who can control various plants to aid their allies. They also have exceptional Fertility which can either overcome their partner's low Virility or combine with a Virile partner for extra output at the Farm.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Plant Girls have small HP pools and their Floral defense type makes them vulnerable to fire damage. Melee engagement with the enemy is dangerous for them and they can contribute far more from behind. If needed, their fixed Skill, SpawnVine, can create a hostile obstruction on a grass tile. This immobile plant token cannot attack but Constrict a melee-engaged enemy every other turn.

Skills such as SpawnHealFlower and Rejuvenate help Plant Girls to fulfill the role of a healer. Plant Girls can also use Toxin to inflict poison on enemies. The standard Plant Girl skill-set has only one Skill (Rejuvenate) that benefits from high Magic, so equipping a bow or such other ranged weapon instead of a staff may be better for poisoning enemies from a distance.

While Plant Girls have adequate stat values as a starter, their stat growth is unremarkable. They can help with first few arena battles and portal expeditions but other supporter-type hybrids will eventually supplant their combat role.

Their token-creating Skills (SpawnVine & SpawnHealFlower) are terrain-dependent. Vines require grass and Healing Flowers require water. Without appropriate tiles - which is often the case in mountainous battlefields - their tokens become far harder to utilize. Still, SpawnVine has a short cooldown period and performs excellently as blockers and obstructions. Skills and traits that turn eligible tiles to grass, such as MagicGrass and GrassTrail, relax their terrain requirement. The Prince with his access and benefit to Seedlings or any MC with the Grass element and Grass Spirits can amplify Plant Girls' performance. On the other hand, Plant Girls have the AbsorbWater onMove passive which allows them to remove water tiles and gain temporary shield. This may be useful in providing dry land for non-aquatic allies to avoid getting Soaked, if anything.

Another passive Plant Girls have is Pheromones, which inflicts lust damage with default attacks. However their lust damage is not actually remarkable to be of particular benefit. Instead, their vines might be more useful in seducing and Constricting enemies (which is particularly useful with Agile enemies).

Overworld[ | ]

Plant Girls' Pheromones passive allows them to use Lure on the overworld map. The action triggers a random overworld combat encounter. This ability can let you choose your favored terrain for battles. One way to benefit from this ability is to fight nearby the portal point to conserve Stamina while working towards fight counts in a specific portal (for certain King's Quests and portal milestones, for example). Another is to use it to discover specific creatures or humanoids in rare biomes.

Breeding[ | ]

Plant Girls have the highest base Fertility among all base species. This can overcome low natural Virility of certain species to progress on offspiring or combine with high Virility of others to hit the daily egglaying cap at the Farm. Another advantage is that Plant Girls' eggs are of the Floral type which can grow outside without a dedicated hatchery room upgrade. Multiple Floral eggs in one room accelerate each other, even. Plant Girls can accelerate the ranching process from the very early game.

Their high Fertility is offset by low Virility. This issue can be mitigated by turning all Male/Futa Plant Girls female with the Female Potion.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Without an inherent Beauty or sex skill bonus, they perform better economically outside the Brothel. All Plant Girls have the Photosynthesis trait which allows them to feed on nothing but sunlight. As such, even an Enormous Plant Girl requires no food at all.

They produce PlantMatter at the Farm. This material is used to craft various staff weapons and other useful things like the MagicWhip.

Notes[ | ]

  • The disadvantages of units with size above Medium (Large to Enormous) are their high food needs, low combat speed, and Fertility penalty. Coincidentally Plant Girls' specific qualities either make them go away or mitigate their impact as to be pointless. The advantages of being big include larger tokens that inherit the spawner's size and increased toughness.
    • On the other hand, Plant Girls smaller than Medium (Tiny and Small) get a boost to their already magnificent Fertility. A Tiny Plant Girl can easily become a She-Flower Mother of Thousand Young, even with the least Virile consort.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Their vaginas produce a certain sweet substance, which acts as a potent aphrodisiac, also causing erect cocks to grow even bigger and produce a lot more cum.