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The Shadow Spirit is the base type of its spiritual species. Like all other base spirits, Shadow Spirits can barely contribute to combat themselves though their innate passive abilities make them relatively hardier.

Evolution[ | ]

Upon reaching its max level, a Shadow Spirit can evolve into one of the following forms:

Druid can also choose to evolve them into ElementalSeeds.

Overview[ | ]

The Shadow Spirit is a base spirit that a player who chose Shadow Affinity at game start can summon at the cost of 10 stamina and 10 morale for the Main Character. Shadow Spirits spawned this way will have the ShadowAffinity trait. Like with other base spirits provided by the UniqueStarter difficulty modifier, the lone Shadow Spirit generated this way does not have this trait.

Shadow Spirits can be either reshaped or evolved upon reaching their max level, like all other base spirits. Each reshaping increases the level cap by 3 (up to the lower of 20 or what's permitted by the world level) and some genes, but the spirit's current level will revert to 1.

Combat[ | ]

Base spirits are generally weak and will be priority targets for most of their training cycles. It's advised to keep them safe in combat encounters.

Like most shadow units, Shadow Spirits and their following evolutions tend to be stronger on shadow tiles and vulnerable outside of shadow, but they mostly come with shadow-spreading mechanics. Shadow Spirits have the ShadowArmor passive, allowing them to defend reflexively if they end their turn in shadow, so this makes them tougher than other base spirits.

They also have the ShadowTrail passive and will turn every tile they walk into shadow tiles. While useful for other shadow units, a Main Character that isn't tuned for shadows and curses may find this inconvenient.

Overworld[ | ]

Shadow Spirits do not have a particular use in overworld travel.

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

Shadow Spirits can be sold at the market for 50 gold, which may be one of the worst ways to turn your morale into money. They do not produce anything at the farm, either.

Notes[ | ]

  • They can also be summoned by Hildy for 10 stamina & morale, whose Shadow Spirits will come with an additional Regenerating trait. While it's a good trait in general for enhancing survivability, shadow units often rely more on Mana to tank in their ShadowForm so you might be more interested in them for purposes of fusing to other units.

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